94 SEO Case Studies, Examples and Success Stories

Our client offers HR consulting services using VR technology – a relatively new and niche market in Asia.  They came to us with a new website

Yes. We did that! Check out how! Our client is a local bakery that was ranking only for branded keywords but wanted to get more love

Our client’s site was initially in Chinese before they decided to add an English language version.  Good thinking in terms of capturing the non-Chinese speaking customers

We took up work for a Singapore based client that deals in local rental and coworking space business.  We started working on the website at the

Our Strategy? We captured almost all featured snippet opportunities for them! Background story We noticed there are a few featured snippets opportunities for money keywords that

Google’s early Christmas present came as a surprise (err, shock for many)- the December 3rd, 2020 Core Update. Industry experts called it larger and quicker than

You love apples and suddenly you want one. What do you do? You go to a shop and buy it. But if you really, really love

What is the difference between a normal website rebuild and a properly SEO-structured one? Answer: ENORMOUS flow of free traffic from Google! *caveat: The site must

Previously, we took on a client from Singapore in the packaged food industry. Today, this company is ramping up very aggressively for their eCommerce website. Traditionally,

So a big website owner came crying to us for help. He worked with an SEO company for 8 months and started accepting guest postings on

See what happened when we took over this client in the charts below. For results filtered only for Google Malaysia, clicks from organic search results increased

Previously, we onboarded a new SEO client and based on our holistic and foundational strategy, migrated the site to a much faster hosting, set up an

10 of Our Best Cases Studies

1. How an eCommerce Company Totally DOMINATES its target market with SEO

We recently discussed a case study for one of our Malaysian clients that runs a website for alcoholic beverages. Here are some numbers to show how …

2. Strategies to Overcome Traffic Stagnation and Trigger SEO Growth Momentum

This report is an update to our previous case study for a Singapore-based ecommerce site selling baby shoes. We started working with them in November 2021 …

3. How We Rank Keywords That Generate Enrolments Worth Lots of $$$ for a College.

Our client is an educational institute in Malaysia offering graduate and postgraduate level courses. Education in itself is a highly competitive market, with universities jostling for …

4. Strategies to Win Valuable Organic Traffic in a Hyper-Competitive Industry

Our client is a site that provides services in the finance niche- accounting, taxation, corporate secretariat consultancy, etc. Since they are based in Singapore, the world’s …

5. Strategies to get stubborn & highly competitive keywords indexed/ranked in Google fast.

This is a quick extension of our previous case study for our client, which offers consulting services in the VR technology niche. The client had originally …

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