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    We are not your usual writing consultancy.
    We are SEO Content Creators!

    The importance of SEO content writing

    Successful digital marketing campaign = SEO + Content

    Our SEO content writing services are tailored to:

    Meet the searcher’s intent

    Your website content should be able to answer search queries in order to rank on a search engines like Google.

    SEO content experts help you serve the searcher’s intent by identifying the type of query (informational, commercial, brand search, etc) and creating SEO articles, or service pages catering to the search.

    Understanding search engine algorithms

    Google algos have become smarter.

    Traditional tactics like keyword stuffing, acquiring unnatural backlinks, etc may no longer work (worse, could attract Google penalties!). SEO content strategies work by understanding various ranking factors (like search intent, EAT, internal links, value addition, images, etc) and working around those.

    Cater to local SEO

    SEO keyword research strategy helps to generate content that highlights your brand’s business in a specific location. Improving your local SEO through content that caters to queries from a specific geo-location helps attract targeted leads.

    Build brand visibility

    SEO structured content helps to reinforce your brand image. Our SEO content writing services work by understanding your key competitors, the market, and your USP, and, weaving it into meaningful content.

    Stay on the minds of your target audience with content that they relate to!

    Grow your customer base

    Connect with your target audience. Engage with high converting prospects and retain the existing ones. Our SEO content writing company works to improve your online reach through planned keyword research and search-engine-optimized content.

    Gain leads + improve conversion rate

    SEO-based content generates the highest quality leads. Boost lead generation and conversion rate optimization (CRO) through a well-researched content strategy. Invest in SEO content writing services to turn cold leads into hot prospects!

    Improve your online authority

    Show knowledge in your niche by generating informative content that your customers would love to read. An SEO content writing agency helps conduct in-depth SEO keyword analysis to create meaningful content.

    Focus on long-term revenue

    Gain customer respect by producing trustworthy content that addresses customers’ needs. Reliable content strategies generate a loyal following that helps you acquire more organic traffic and higher revenue in the long term.

    Cultivate brand loyalty

    Create a growth-driven content plan that your potential customers seek. Showcase your authority and expertise in subjects to build a loyal following for your brand.
    The compounding benefit of SEO content writing is just what your business needs. Contact us now to get started!

    Our SEO content writing strategies

    Effective content writing with tested processes that give you a competitive advantage.

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    SEO and content marketing are often considered two separate digital marketing strategies.

    Not really!

    The two are actually interconnected as well as incomplete without each other. Quality website content along with informational blogs offer the environment for SEO to thrive.

    An online business can not attract organic traffic without valuable content on its site. Similarly, a piece of content may find no place on the SERP without focussed SEO efforts.

    Our SEO Specialists and Content Development Team work hand in hand to achieve your business goals- to gain visibility on Google while catering to the informational needs of your online visitors.

    Our experience with local businesses, SMBs, multi-location eCommerce companies, and large brands has helped us understand how content needs can be unique to each.

    Our tested SEO content creation strategies include:

    • Understanding your brand, market, and customers.
    • Keyword research
    • Competitor analysis
    • User intent studies
    • Creating SEO-based article structures
    • Creating content that articulately tackles user’s pain points
    • Developing engaging copies tailored to represent your brand’s voice
    • Internal linking
    • Creating click-worthy meta tags
    • Clear and powerful CTAs (Call to action)
    • Using high-end tools for proofreading each document
    Professional SEO Content Writing Services 4

    SEO content writing company with proven track records

    At Growth Pro, we are not just your content creators. We are your partners in creating and executing SEO content strategies that help you get closer to your business goals.

    We’ve seen both- failures and extraordinary success. And over the years, we’ve taken lessons from both.

    Our experience as a content marketing firm combined with our SEO skills helps you gain a competitive edge over your clients.

    As an SEO content writing services company, we’ve worked with various businesses in Malaysia and countries across the world.

    From digital marketing, health, lifestyle, travel, building and infrastructure, cryptocurrencies and NFT art, environment, finance, F&B, or engineering companies- we’ve helped businesses convey their brand message through valuable content.

    Want to get started with a content plan that drives leads? Contact us for a detailed discussion.

    Get SEO Writing Services to Grow Your Organic Traffic

    Our content writing services

    At Growth Pro, good content is the backbone of what we do. Our comprehensive set of SEO-friendly content writing services include:

    Client Consultation

    • Understanding your business objectives.
    • Discussion on the target audience, markets, and competitors.
    • Continual online discussions to incorporate instructions, new strategies, revisions, etc.

    SEO Keyword Research + Competitor Analysis

    • Market analysis.
    • Keyword research using various tools (Ahrefs, Google search queries, etc).
    • Competitor content assessment.
    • Shortlisting long-tail keywords, LSI variations, entities, etc. along with their search volumes.

    Preparing Content Strategy

    • Identifying primary, secondary, and tertiary keywords.
    • Analysing the search intent for each keyword to plan for the type of content required (informational, web page, etc).
    • Identifying low-hanging fruits (easy-to-win keywords).
    • SERP analysis.
    • Creating monthly strategies and goals.

    Creating Content Calendars

    • Preparing topic clusters including pillar articles and supporting articles.
    • Creating an internal linking plan to distribute SEO equity.
    • Analysing the SERP to identify suitable content titles.
    • Pre-scheduling the content plan for upcoming months.

    Content Development and Publishing

    • Deciding on ideal article length based on SERP analysis.
    • Preparing search engine optimized structure including H- tags (h1, h2, h3, etc)
    • Creating internal links.
    • Adding updated stats and authority external links to increase EAT score.
    • Creating optimized meta titles and meta descriptions.
    • Image optimization.
    • Publishing.

    Periodic Content Layering + Updates

    • Regularly checking blog page performance on Google search console (GSC).
    • Checking for indexing of branded and non-branded keywords.
    • Updating the blogs with fresh content.
    • Republishing.

    The compounding benefit of SEO content writing is just what your business needs.
    Contact us now to get started!

    Types of content writing offered by Growth Pro

    While “content writing” is often used synonymously with “blog posts”, there are various types of SEO writings that you can add within your content marketing campaign.
    Professional SEO Content Writing Services 5

    As a part of our services, we stay in touch with you all through to decide which one amongst the following is the need of the hour and incorporate it within our monthly deliverables.

    • Blog posts
    • Long-form articles
    • Listicles
    • SEO website content
    • Service page content
    • Landing pages
    • Location-specific pages
    • Product descriptions
    • Informative guides
    • Guest posts
    • GMB informational writing

    Our content writing services pricing

    SEO Monthly Retainer Fees

    USD 1,500

    Monthly deliverables include:

    SEO Content calendar for upcoming months.

    2 content credits
    1 Credit = 1 New SEO Content Creation
    (blog, service page, etc)


    1 Credit = 2 SEO Content Updates
    (for existing blogs, service pages, etc)

    Three rounds of reviews/edits (at no extra cost) to incorporate the suggestions provided on the content.
    Internal linkings based on our power page strategies.

    Our SEO content writing team

    Our team of SEO content writers and editors understand how search engine algorithms work. Our skill lies in creating content that addresses the user intent, ranks on the SERP, and adds value to the brand’s website.

    Our team comprises of:

    • Full-time SEO writers
    • Freelance writers experienced in various niches
    • Web copywriters
    • Editors
    • Proofreaders
    • SEO analysts
    • Publishers
    Professional SEO Content Writing Services 6
    Professional SEO Content Writing Services 7

    Why choose Growth Pro?

    Because we are motivated to help you grow your business. And because we care!

    Here’s what we bring to the table:

    • Professional SEO content writers, copywriters, and editors.
    • Strong research skills.
    • SEO specialists to continually support the team.
    • Timely deliverables (We hate delays as much as you do!).
    • 100% unique, plagiarism-free, quality content.
    • Tailored SEO content writing guidelines to suit individual projects.
    • Diverse industry experience (Check out our SEO case studies!).
    • Open feedback loop (Yup, we love your suggestions- keep those coming!).
    • Access to various paid tools for keyword research, proofreading, and editing.


    SEO writing is simply the process to create content that ranks on the first page of Google or other search engines. This involves various steps like keyword research, matching user intent, optimizing meta tags and headers, image optimization, etc.

    Content is the ground for any SEO efforts to bear fruit. Here’s how it helps:

    • Helps in satiating Google by providing answers to the search queries.
    • It helps you rank for the right keywords
    • Quality content helps obtain social validation
    • Helps attract quality backlinks, naturally, which in-turn helps improve your domain authority.

    Google usually prefers long-form informational blog content when it comes to awarding SEO rankings. Studies report that the average first-page result on Google consists of 1,447 words.

    However, Google algorithms have changed in recent times. Content that caters directly to the search intent is being rewarded, irrespective of the word count.

    Additionally, well-researched and keyword-rich web content is highly important to attract visitors to your site.

    At Growth Pro, we’ve written SEO content for more industries than we can count.

    To name a few- Finance, healthcare, skin and beauty, lifestyle, engineering products and industries, digital marketing, UX/UI, travel, property, pet food, natural supplements, environment, electronic products, mobile apps and advertising, fulfillment, shipping, cryptocurrency and NFTs, and more.

    Talk to us and we’re sure we can help you out with your industry!

    Yes. We use trusted paid plagiarism tools to check every article in addition to manual editing and checks. Be assured that the content you receive will be 100% unique.
    We have a dedicated project-in-charge for each client. You may communicate your needs to the PIC or request to be directly in touch with the content manager.
    This depends on the existing need of your website, its rankings, competitors, and your niche market.
    The difference lies in the end goal. SEO content writing is worded to generate traffic for your website whereas SEO copywriting is aimed at getting conversions and sales.

    Well, consider the alternatives.

    You do it yourself which may take time, effort, and yet not produce the desired results.

    We understand that no one knows your business better than you. But allow our savvy SEO content writing team to support you in the process and help you achieve your goals.

    Well, consider the alternatives. You do it yourself which may take time, effort, and yet not produce the desired results. We understand that no one knows your business better than you. But allow our savvy SEO content writing team to support you in the process and help you achieve your goals.