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SEO Services in Malaysia

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What we offer

We understand that high Google rankings are important to drive sales and bring in positive conversions for the organization.

After all, the Google led the search engine market in Malaysia with a 98.13 percent share of the market.

We also realise that the complex and perpetually changing Google Algorithms can be impossible to keep up with, even for the best websites out there. As a professional SEO Malaysia Company, we offer transparent services and guidelines to our customers.

Our monthly retainer packages help you get the best SEO marketing services in Malaysia starting from website optimisation, keyword ranking, high search volumes, and increased organic traffic.

Product led SEO approach

We understand that digital marketing trends are shifting from “Content led SEO” to “Product led SEO”.

Our approach allows us to see SEO as a product and focuses on building features like the site’s architecture, product and webpage offers, etc before starting with the content creation part. Our SEO strategy starts with customizing each feature within the website to respond to the consumer’s search intent.

Our processes are not just about enlisting visible keywords and writing content around it.

The idea is to understand what the audience is looking for in a product and accordingly optimize the content to help drive maximum traffic to the offering.

Our SEO services in Malaysia

Irrespective of whether you’re a multinational brand or a small to mid-sized business, if you’re looking at improving your SEO rankings, we can help you accomplish that. We value each of our customers and build customised search engine optimisation strategy keeping in mind their business goals, marketing objectives, and service niche.

1. SEO Content Marketing & Blog Management

Our integrated SEO content marketing and blog management services are holistic in terms of keyword optimization, monthly content generation, on-page and off page optimization and the use of advanced SEO research and optimization software solutions in addition to Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

2. Competitor analysis

The idea here is to identify the competitors, analyse their website in terms of ranking keywords, organic traffic, power pages, etc. This helps us discover the gaps, blind spots in order to fine tune the business objectives and website content for our clients.

3. SEO audit

Our comprehensive website SEO audit services include checking for website performance, duplicate content/keyword cannibalization, competitor research, keyword research, keyword ranking reports, backlink audits, etc.

4. Local SEO Services

We make use of techniques like creating content based on local events and business growth, optimising the website for local markets, creating content strategies that are relevant to local customers, optimisation for mobile viewership, and using keywords relevant to local customers

5. eCommerce SEO

Our eCommerce SEO services include the use of analytics to enlist the highest converting keywords, work on meta titles and descriptions to increase click- through rates, test page content to increase traffic, leads, and conversions.

6. Website Redesign

Our website rebuilding process is focused on best practices which include enhancing user experience (UX), loading speed, adding internal links, avoiding orphan pages and duplicate content, and focusing on creative visuals. It is also targeted at having search engine optimization as an integral component of website content.

7. White label SEO services

We understand that agencies are often in need of ready-made outsourcing solutions that come through pre-designed SEO packages. Our packages (white label gold and white label silver) are custom-tailored to help your clients scale their business.

8. Traffic analysis

Our SEO experts will analyse the traffic data to identify the user intent. This helps us identify profitable keywords that help drive conversions.

FAQ for SEO Services in Malaysia

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a process of increasing quality traffic to your site by ranking you higher on search engine page results (SERP). It is an ongoing process that works to increase your visibility to your target audience.
While most website owners and bands have started acknowledging the importance of SEO in generating long-term quality traffic, they fail to make the effort at the right time. Ideally speaking, it is best to invest in SEO services a few months before a website launch is planned.
Investing in marketing strategies is an ongoing expenditure since you need to update them as the game changes. However, SEO is a long term strategy that helps to generate results year after year without the need for new investments. .
SEO improves various aspects of a website to help it acquire organic traffic and secure higher rankings on search results. SEM (Search engine marketing), on the other hand, involves other marketing techniques like paid advertising (PPC), Facebook ads and so on.

An SEO campaign helps in the following ways:

  • Enhances user experience and user journey
  • Generates higher organic traffic
  • Creates higher conversion rates
  • Helps in long term cost management
  • Improves footfall traffic in physical stores
  • Helps improve brand awareness

On average, a search engine optimization campaign will take anywhere between three to six months to show improvements in Google rankings. Additionally, new sites take longer than established sites.

However, factors like website speed, on-page optimisation and user experience can improve as soon as the campaign starts.

While setting up an SEO campaign, we will set and manage platforms like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager and more.

Our SEO experts will use multiple software and tools like AHREFs, Frase, PageOptimiser Pro, etc. to do a detailed competitor analysis and advanced keyword research for your site. This will help us formulate a detailed strategy for creating content on your page.

Our SEO reports are sent to the clients at the end of each month. Additionally, we will be on a detailed SEO update call once a month to discuss the results and analysis of the work done.

GrowthPro’s SEO team is a team of SEO experts, technical specialists, website developers, research specialists, on-page/off-page optimisation specialists, content managers, content writers, publishing experts, and others.

We will allocate a Project-in-charge/account manager who will be your point of contact for any required discussions.

Our team will do a thorough competitor analysis as well as detailed keyword research,keeping in mind the key services offered by your brand. Based on our study, if we feel that a new page will help grow the web traffic, the work will be undertaken.
Our monthly SEO retainer package includes the following services:
  • Website technical audit
  • On-page SEO Keyword optimisation
  • Citation and internal link building
  • Content writing and blog management
  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • GMB optimisation
  • Website speed optimisation
  • Comprehensive monthly report
  • End of month update calls
In addition to our regular monthly retainer packages, we have multiple “add on modules” that can be availed.
Our monthly retainer packages are available at USD1500. Check out our pricing page to know more about the components included as well as the prices of any add on modules that you may choose.
Yes. You can check out our white label services and choose a package to partner with us.

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