93 SEO Case Studies, Examples and Success Stories

In the ever-evolving world of SEO, topical authority continues to prove its worth as a game-changer. Our client, a leading cosmetics company in Malaysia, was struggling

Our client, a leading financial consulting firm in Malaysia, approached us with a clear goal: to enhance their online visibility and dominate the search engine results

We’re excited to share another insightful SEO case study from our client, a leading aesthetic clinic chain. We kicked off our SEO services for them in

Our client, an emerging ecommerce brand, faced challenges in enhancing their organic search ranking. Now, we’ve been professing for a few years about the importance of

Our client, an emerging online travel agency, approached us needing a comprehensive SEO content strategy. Their website was well-designed and user-friendly but was not getting the

Watch what happens when a strategic topical authority SEO campaign is deployed. Our client, an up-and-coming SAAS (software as a service) platform, was seeking to carve

We are back with another illuminating SEO case study that delves deeper into the nuanced world of topical authority and its undeniable influence on website ranking.

This is what happens when you implement a strategic topical authority SEO campaign. Our client is a prominent institute in Malaysia for medical practices seeking to

As an SEO company, it’s always thrilling to see positive results from our efforts, and we’re excited to share this update to one of our previous

With just a few hundred impressions a day, our pharma client’s online presence was barely making a ripple in the vast ocean of the internet. But

How do you establish an online presence and compete with established players in a highly competitive industry when you have a brand-new website with no existing

In the competitive world of email marketing, staying ahead of the curve is essential. So, when our client approached us to improve their online visibility, we

10 of Our Best Cases Studies

1. How an eCommerce Company Totally DOMINATES its target market with SEO

We recently discussed a case study for one of our Malaysian clients that runs a website for alcoholic beverages. Here are some numbers to show how …

2. Strategies to Overcome Traffic Stagnation and Trigger SEO Growth Momentum

This report is an update to our previous case study for a Singapore-based ecommerce site selling baby shoes. We started working with them in November 2021 …

3. How We Rank Keywords That Generate Enrolments Worth Lots of $$$ for a College.

Our client is an educational institute in Malaysia offering graduate and postgraduate level courses. Education in itself is a highly competitive market, with universities jostling for …

4. Strategies to Win Valuable Organic Traffic in a Hyper-Competitive Industry

Our client is a site that provides services in the finance niche- accounting, taxation, corporate secretariat consultancy, etc. Since they are based in Singapore, the world’s …

5. Strategies to get stubborn & highly competitive keywords indexed/ranked in Google fast.

This is a quick extension of our previous case study for our client, which offers consulting services in the VR technology niche. The client had originally …

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