Hacking Social Signals to Boost Revenue by 173.64% & Transactions by 144.44%.

Our client, an emerging ecommerce brand, faced challenges in enhancing their organic search ranking.

Now, we’ve been professing for a few years about the importance of social signals in complementing SEO strategies. We discussed this with the client and worked with them to develop a comprehensive social media strategy to augment their SEO efforts.

Social signals (including webpage shares, blog shares, product launch news, etc.) contribute significantly to a page’s organic search ranking.

Google rolling out the new ‘Perspectives filter’ is a testimonial to the importance of social visibility. The filter shows images and written posts that people have shared on discussion boards, Q&A sites and social media platforms regarding a piece of content/video.

Since they are now more integrated than ever in search engine algorithms, it is a clear indicator of Google considering them as a ranking signal.

What we did?

With this understanding, we worked with the client on strengthening their social signals. Our approach was two-pronged:

1. Content Creation:

  • Created valuable and informative content that encouraged more positive interactions.
  • Encouraged the client to regularly post content to keep the brand at the top of social media news feeds.
  • Suggested appealing titles to attract user attention.
  • Incorporated relevant product images to boost interaction rates.
  • Added FAQ sections with genuine intent-based questions.
  • Actively monitored brand-associated keywords and layered them on service pages.

2. Engagement Tactics:

  • Suggested the use of social media marketing tools to monitor shares, retweets, and likes.
  • Displayed social media channel tabs on the website’s relevant service pages.
  • Added the website’s link on social media channels and posts.
  • Provided ideas to the client to run contests, giveaways, etc., to increase brand interest.


  • Substantial increase in the client’s domain authority.
  • Increased social media presence also bolstered their organic search ranking.
  • Consistent increase in impressions and clicks in the last year.
  • Transactions increased by 144.44%.
  • Growth in revenue was 173.64%.

Incorporating Social Signals

Hacking Social Signals to Boost Revenue


This case study highlights the effectiveness of leveraging social signals in SEO strategy, which is likely to become more important when Google’s search generative experience (SGE) becomes fully functional! 

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