Achieving 50%+ Goal Completion with Topical Authority for Medical Practices Institute

This is what happens when you implement a strategic topical authority SEO campaign.

Our client is a prominent institute in Malaysia for medical practices seeking to enhance their online visibility for certain specialised medical procedures. We discussed the importance of building topical authority for the chosen primary keywords that the client wanted to target.

Our strategy

  • Conducted topical keyword research to select the most viable primary keywords (combining primary entities to their closest attributes) and secondary keywords (made of co-related queries and sequential queries).
  • Analysed user behaviour and query semantics.
  • Analysed search trends and competitor websites to develop a query hierarchy path.
  • Identified the search intent to properly shape the content (main content and supplementary content).
  • Created topical maps to win for various relevant keywords and their semantic variations.
  • Created high-quality, informative content catering to both- macro-context and micro-context.
  • Added doctor bios to the site to strengthen EAT (Expertise, Authority & Trust).
  • Created topically optimised and logical URL hierarchy to align with each other as well as the website’s topicality.
  • Optimised the meta tags with semantically-related phrases that send the right triggers to Google’s NLP algorithm.
  • Prepared a layout for internal linking between pages to allow a smooth flow of SEO equity to power pages.
  • Using structured data (schema) to add context to the content.


  1. The impressions increased from 30k in January to about 80k in May (in just five months of implementation).
  2. The site started ranking for all variations of the targeted primary keywords, thereby winning COMPLETE topical authority in Malaysia.
  3. Various keywords started to rank on Page 1.
  4. The client’s site won a few featured snippets for some of their most relevant keywords.
  5. The optimised content and improved topical authority led to an increase in goal completions of 53.82% and a goal conversion rate of 25.78%.

Achieving 50%+ Goal Completion with Topical Authority for Medical Practices Institute 1

Created topical maps to win for various relevant keywords

So, if you’re looking to dominate your medical practices industry, don’t just sit back and watch others steal the spotlight. Build out topical authority for your revenue-generating keyword clusters and get your conversions skyrocketing!

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