White Label SEO Services For Agencies & Resellers

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    Scale Up Your Business

    Our white label services (private label SEO) are designed to give digital marketing agencies a ready-made outsourcing solution by providing pre-designed white label SEO plans. Help your clients scale up their business (and yours at the same time!) with our monthly retainer basis for SEO packages in Malaysia. Custom tailored to you and your clients’ business needs, we deliver transparent, accessible and measurable results in one package.

    Please select one of the following white label SEO packages:

    White Label Silver

    • Domain optimisation
    • XML and HTML Sitemap Creation
    • Schema markup and implementation
    • 301 and 404 page reporting
    • 301 page redirects
    • Monthly performance reporting
    • Initial site audit
    • SEO Roadmap
    • 5 webpage copywriting
    • 10 meta title and description optimisation
    • Keyword research and analysis
    • Competitor analysis
    • 2 long form blog posts (or layering of 4 existing blog posts)
    • SEO optimisation of blogs
    • Site Speed Audit
    • Google Indexation Audit
    • Internal Link Audit
    • Lead tracking
    • Monthly reporting and update calls
    • White label dashboard reporting
    • Google my business creation
    • Feedback monitoring

    White Label Gold

    • Domain optimisation
    • XML and HTML Sitemap Creation
    • Schema markup and implementation
    • 301 and 404 page reporting
    • 301 page redirects
    • Monthly performance reporting
    • Initial site audit
    • SEO Roadmap
    • 10 webpage copywriting
    • 30 meta title and description optimisation
    • Google analytics account creation
    • Google Search Console account creation
    • Page tags definition and testing
    • Google analytics filtering
    • 404 error correction
    • Internal linking
    • Side speed optimisation
    • Keyword research and analysis
    • Competitor analysis
    • 4 long form blog posts (or layering of 8 existing blog posts)
    • SEO optimisation of blogs
    • Opportunity and recommendation reports
    • Site Speed Audit
    • Google Indexation Audit
    • Internal Link Audit
    • Lead tracking
    • Monthly reporting and update calls
    • White label dashboard reporting
    • Google my business creation
    • Feedback monitoring

    Add value to your clients by driving
    more traffic and creating

    By contracting out your SEO services, you will gain a team of qualified, highly trained and exceptional experts that work on behalf of your brand by Growth Pro.

    With its extensive knowledge and understanding of multiple software, analytic systems and the various ins and outs of the industry, our team will help you come up with a scalable methodology to add value to your clients.

    Our tools and techniques are customised to drive more traffic and create conversions for your precious clients.

    White Label SEO Services For Agencies & Resellers 2

    As an SEO agency that’s been around for a good time now, this is what we bring to the table:

    • A full technical team that is required for technical SEO. (Core Web Vitals)
    • Hosting/server experts for speed optimization, site migration, maintenance
    • Content/keyword/competitor researchers
    • Native English writers, proofreaders, editors
    • Experienced SEO strategists as account managers
    • WordPress developers and designers

    As your white label SEO provider, this is what you can expect from us:

    • SEO strategies (with pre planned, result driven SEO methodology)
    • SEO Audits and Analysis for the site
    • On Page optimisation
    • Comprehensive keyword research and analysis
    • Content creation and marketing (including web page copies and blog posts)
    • Lead tracking
    • Complete communication and transparency
    • Project management
    • White label dashboard reporting
    • Training and educational support
    • Prompt technical support
    • Monthly white label SEO reports and update calls
    White Label SEO Services For Agencies & Resellers 3

    White label SEO vs Reseller SEO

    While reseller SEO is a term that is often confused for white label services, there are a few vital differences.

    The former allows you to select a set of search engine optimisation actions that you need for your clients and buy it as a customised package from an SEO reseller organisation.

    You, therefore, get a custom-built real-time reporting dashboard under your agency’s brand. And you go ahead delivering these services to your client under your brand logo.

    However, there is no other technical support, training or problem resolution outside the purchased plan.

    So what’s different about White Label SEO services? And what more do you get?

    • Customised strategies – You don’t just get a pre-set package. You instead, get a completely customised one with more strategy support, based on your client’s requirements.
    • Team access – You get complete access to the service provider’s in-house SEO team including the project coordinator, writers, and other specialists. This means you can communicate and coordinate with them at any stage of the campaign.
    • Training and support – Unlike reseller services, you receive more education in terms of deliverables, SEO strategies, etc.

    White Label Local SEO

    Local SEO involves the process of optimising a site and keywords for businesses in a specific area.

    Need to direct your white label SEO inputs towards driving traffic within your geographical region?

    White label local SEO services offer a unique combination of the two!

    The process includes:

    • Evaluating your Google My Business reports. This includes checking for the client’s listing presence, GMB reputation, historical GMB insights, and GMB communications.
    • Optimise the GMB listing.
    • Reviewing GMB posts.
    • White label GMB insights reporting.

    At Growth Pro, we offer search engine optimization services for your clients targeting local traffic.

    While white label SEO plans are definitely an upgrade to reseller SEO, the latter has its own pros. These include lower price models, better margins, and the ease of selling pre-planned packages to your clients.

    We understand that our customers would naturally want to avail the benefits of both worlds.

    And that’s the reason we decided to combine both!

    It is true that all our campaigns will go through a regular process that is pre-designed (packages). However, as a part of our combo offer, we include strategy meetings during the initial on-boarding to cater to specific needs of a site.

    Our services provide an edge to agencies who’re looking to scale up their operations by purchasing pre-packaged SEO services.

    Here’s a chance to offer well-planned services to your clients without the need to increase your staff strength beyond your operational capacities.

    Our SEO staff works as your backup resource to get the work delivered to your paying clients.

    These campaigns are entirely transparent and trackable, which means you can check the SEO performance of your clients in terms of rankings, traffic improvements and analytics.

    We also help you create customised white label SEO reports which can be forwarded to your clients as a part within your brand name.

    What’s more, with our prompt technical support, you’re kept in the loop of everything that goes on. Our SEO team will collaborate with you at the beginning of each campaign to formulate a strategy for your clients.

    Partnering with a quality white label SEO service provider means you hit the ground running and have everything set to take up new clients.

    Here’s what you get:

    • Leverage our proven SEO techniques without having to research them out yourself.
    • Pay for a ready made external package and save on multiple expenses like keyword research software, expert team, etc. (And don’t forget, the time you save is money saved too!)
    • Scale up your organisation without doing the groundwork yourself.
    • Expand your services and clients without worrying about finances and resources.
    • Deliver high quality services to your clients and brand them as your own.
    • Gain more revenue from existing clients.

    And the expected ROI?

    The cost of hiring an SEO team, research work, training on multiple software pieces, and formulating a strategy for each client runs into thousands of dollars. When you outsource these services, it will help you start quickly, and that too within the comforts of your pocket.

    Subcontracting our SEO services have helped our digital marketing clients grow their ROI. Our customers have reported increased revenue from their clients and higher gross margins from their SEO projects.

    There is no dearth of service providers when it comes to the white label space.

    However, an agency that specializes in SEO is likely to have better process, better pricing, better resources, and better experience (And that’s a whole lot!).

    When partnering with an SEO organisation for end to end services, keep the following in your checklist:

    • Ask them about their campaign process, workflow and methodologies.
    • See if their current offer meets your needs. If not, are they willing to customise it to fit your requirements?
    • Try to meet some members of their team.
    • Learn about their reporting process.
    • Check if they have experience in your client’s niche.
    • Understand their success evaluation metrics.
    • Google their track record.
    • Check, analyse, and get all your questions answered before signing on the dotted line.

    And finally go with your gut feeling!

    All clients are unique and their SEO needs could be completely different based on their existing website, type of business, location, and goals.

    Our services as at outsourced firm are best suited for following categories of clients:

    • Large scale companies targeting multiple locations for local SEO.
    • Local companies looking to scale up business.
      eCommerce businesses.
    • Small and medium sized businesses (SMBs).
    • Educational and informative sites.
    • International companies with high cost services.
    • Social media agencies
    • Web design agencies
      App/software development companies
    • Advertising agencies

    Our SEO case studies provide a detailed account of our work with clients in different niches.

    Do your clients fall into any of the above categories?

    Yes ?

    Check out our white label packages and choose one that fits your needs.

    Ask us about our White Label SEO Services

    Watch your client’s come back for more. Get started with our White Label SEO services now.

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