How an eCommerce Monopolized The Market by Ranking for More Than 50K Keywords!

As an SEO company, it’s always thrilling to see positive results from our efforts, and we’re excited to share this update to one of our previous ecommerce SEO case studies with our valued client (a Malaysian website for alcoholic beverages).

Building on our previous accomplishments, our objective was to continue to increase the number of keywords ranked and drive even more traffic to their website.

The following figures demonstrate the complete dominance of the site on Google’s Search Engine Result Page (SERP):

  • More high-intent transactional keywords have moved up to the top 3 positions on SERP.
  • There are 823 keywords ranking in the Top 3 and 2,415 in the Top 10 of Google
  • The site is ranking for about 50K keywords.
  • All the keywords ranking on Page 1 are single-word ROOT keywords (like vodka, gin, whisky, etc.) that are hyper-competitive and have high difficulty.
  • The site acquired a total of 117 New Referring Domains in March 2023.
  • There are a total of 1,630 websites linking back to the site currently
  • Today, the site is completely monopolising the target market for the most sought-after keywords in this category!

What we did?

Our goal was to rank for non-branded keywords while competing with industry giants. Some strategies that helped us achieve this were:

  • Sending context signals by optimising the meta titles and meta descriptions.
  • Analysing user behaviour and query semantics.
  • Creating topical maps (for macro and micro contexts) to build complete authority around the main keywords.
  • Creating query-based and intent-based content clusters that fall within the same contextual group for Google.
  • Including synonyms and keyword variations (semantically-related phrases) that send the right triggers to Google’s NLP algorithms.
  • Using structured data (schema) to add context to the content.

How an eCommerce Monopolized The Market by Ranking for More Than 50K Keywords! 1
How an eCommerce Monopolized The Market by Ranking for More Than 50K Keywords! 2

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