How we increased impressions and clicks by 332% and 222% by harnessing the searcher’s intent.

good amount of highly relevant traffic

Our client, a leading financial consulting firm in Malaysia, approached us with a clear goal: to enhance their online visibility and dominate the search engine results pages (SERPs) for their targeted keywords.

We embarked on a comprehensive SEO strategy, focusing on revamping their service pages with keyword-rich content and implementing a well-planned content strategy that catered to the searcher’s queries.

What we did?

When we first started SEO in August 2022, the site was negatively affected by a Google algorithm update. Our strategy involved:

  • Site revamp, focusing on important service pages. This included creating new SEO-based service page layouts and content that was genuinely based on the searcher’s requirements.
  • Improving the UI/UX for the entire site in terms of design, content, user FAQs.
  • On-page optimizations of all important pages on the site.
  • Keyword research to shortlist the most important non-branded keywords relevant to the client’s services.
  • Creating a strong topic cluster to provide informational content for all important search queries.
  • Improving the internal linking layout to allow for smooth distribution of SEO equity amongst the most important pages.


  • Impressions increased from 201K in Feb 2022 to 869K in Feb 2023- showing a 332.38% growth!
  • Clicks increased from 7K in Feb 2022 to 22.6K in Feb 2023- showing a 222.85% growth!
  • Our new blog pages brought in a good amount of highly relevant traffic. Most notably, there are a total of 797 non-branded keywords ranking in Top 10 for just two of these blog pages.
  • The site now dominates the SERPs for its targeted keywords.
  • The boost in organic traffic also led to increased conversions and revenue growth for the client!

These results are an example of how content can be tailored to fit the exact user search angles & intent to grow your traffic and rank for the most important money keywords!

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Boost Impressions & Clicks

good amount of highly relevant traffic

dominates the SERPs for its targeted keywords


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