How We Used SEO-Structured Content Strategies to Gain Impressions and Clicks by 478% and 664%

Our client, an emerging online travel agency, approached us needing a comprehensive SEO content strategy. Their website was well-designed and user-friendly but was not getting the visibility it deserved. With a multitude of pages displaying an array of services and packages, the number of impressions and clicks was still disappointing.

Reason? Lack of SEO-optimized content and topical authority for the target keywords.

Our Approach

  • Conducted a comprehensive content audit to identify the key issues.
  • Performed a sweet spot analysis to identify areas of quick wins.
  • Detailed analysis of user behavior and query semantics.
  • Conducted keyword research to enlist the most important primary keywords (combining primary entities to their closest attributes)
  • Layered product pages with robust intent-based informational content.
  • Created and implemented comprehensive topical maps to win authority for relevant keywords and their semantic variations.
  • Created fresh content that met the searcher’s intent.
  • Established a strategic layout for internal linking to ensure a strategic flow of SEO juice to the key pages.


  • Within three months of implementing our strategy, the site’s impressions grew by over 478%.
  • Clicks increased by a whopping 664%.
  • The website is now a major topical authority within its niche and is ranking for all major variations of the targeted primary keywords.
  • Our client is now ranking on page 1 for many competitive keywords.

strategic content creation

skyroketing impressions and clicks

This case study clearly illustrates the power of strategic content creation in SEO. Top it up with a well-planned topical authority map, and watch your metrics soar!

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