We achieved a 60% growth in organic traffic within 3 months by doing this!

We took up work for a Singapore based client that deals in local rental and coworking space business. 

We started working on the website at the beginning of March 2021 and started adding content to the site somewhere around the end of the same month.


The client came with a website that wasn’t SEO friendly and not ranking locally for any of the important keywords

Quick note on the pain points that we observed:

  • On-page optimisation was not done effectively.
  • Multiple technical errors including 404s, 301, duplicate meta title, meta description, site map issues, etc.
  • While the site did rank for some branded keywords, the content was thin enough to rank for other money keywords within the niche. 
  • Website needed redevelopment to improve UX/UI.

And here’s what we did:

  • Rebuilt the site on WordPress platform to optimise for SEO performance.
  • Improved UX to enhance the conversion opportunities. 
  • Optimised the power pages to rank for non branded money keywords within the niche.
  • Published epic blog content that matched searcher’s intent.
  • Layered existing content with updated and fresh content (reverse engineered through competitor research and keyword analysis).

And the results?

  1. The site reported higher visibility and clicks within the first month itself!higher visibility and clicks 
  2. Traffic showed and uptrend in terms of new organic users and sessions every month and the graph keeps moving up!
    new organic users and sessions every month
  3. The website started to rank for more and more important keywords that were not ranking earlier.
    rank more important keywords

Our strategy to rebuild the website, optimise it for SEO, improve UX/UI and add research oriented high quality content brought more users to the site. 

And you can imagine why it contributed to increased sales- the customers got all their queries answered through our content and were well prepared to make a deal !

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