Using Organic SEO Traffic to Achieve 3000% Revenue Growth in Just 28 Days

Revenue from organic SEO traffic

Previously, we took on a client from Singapore in the packaged food industry. Today, this company is ramping up very aggressively for their eCommerce website.

Traditionally, the company had a few offline physical stores, and some of their products are distributed among their agents. Their brand is quite reputable in its niche, however, no sales were done online.

Our team proposed a full-fledged eCommerce store and proper SEO content be done on it. Once launched, the site began to rank for tonnes of keywords with high buying-intent, resulting in new-found revenues from their online customers.

See the reports below that show revenue growth comparison between the current 28-day tracking versus the previous period of the same time-frame.

Sales from SEO traffic
Sales generated from organic SEO traffic
Revenue from organic SEO traffic
Revenue generated from organic SEO traffic

The growth percentage numbers are super high as the baseline started with ZERO in the last period. However, this also means, the company instantly increased its revenues in USD, once they launched their eCommerce store.

Do also note that they ran multiple campaigns using SMS, email list and paid media buys, but the highest conversion rate AND total revenues still come from the organic search results.

Conclusion: organic SEO traffic done right will give any company good and scalable revenues very fast!

Is your company already set up for eCommerce? If not, then you are leaving out too much money on the table for your competitors!

You can read more about SEO for eCommerce sites here.

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