Compounding Carry-on Growth From SEO-Structured Content for Manufacturing Companies

You love apples and suddenly you want one. What do you do?

You go to a shop and buy it.

But if you really, really love apples, you can plant a tree from a seed, nurture it and in a few years, you will get to eat apples everyday.

From your own apple tree.

This analogy is akin to your website traffic. If you need traffic now, you will need to bid for it amongst your competitors and pay the price.

However, if you build out a proper SEO-structured website, do your keyword analysis right and continue to build out SEO content, you will reap the fruits for as long as your site is alive.

But it will take lots of time, effort and the right expertise.

Check out the graphs below from some of our clients who own manufacturing companies.

SEO-structured content builds compounding growth
SEO-structured content continues to increase total impressions and clicks
SEO-structured content for manufacturing client
Compounding carry-on growth from SEO-structured content after 4 months

Results of SEO-structured content

Wondering what are some unique strategies for running SEO for manufacturing companies?

First, you have to “put your house in proper order” so that the search engines love it. Then, with proper SEO-structured content, they will start getting more Google’s attention.

Note that even though some websites stopped their SEO content building after 3 or 6 months, the carry-on and compounding effect is still working its magic.

If you continuously put in the right efforts, you will eventually monopolize the niche (in the geolocation) that you are in.

SEO is about playing catch-up with your competitors, if you are late. If your strategies are right, you will beat them to the valuable organic search traffic.

Otherwise, you have to continue paying for traffic and losing out big time in the long run.

Want to know more about the compounding effect of SEO? Check out our post on The Importance of SEO Content and its Effect on Growth.

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