How we Got a Startup’s Website to Get More Google’s Love in One Month: From Obscurity to Traction..

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, a website that fails to make an impact is as good as invisible. Enter our client: a startup site that was launched somewhere in 2022 but struggled to gain traction due to a lack of SEO. 

The site initially used a single page with all the information on the homepage. Additionally, the content was thin and did not provide valuable information to the visitors. 

What we did

We took over the site in January 2023. Here’s what was done as a part of our early measures:

  • We redesigned the website and created a new and easy-to-navigate layout with separate pages for solutions and services. 
  • Optimized the pages based on our keyword research focusing on the target audience groups. 
  • Layered their old blog articles (which were not ranking at all) with strong informational content and the right keywords. 
  • Competitor analysis to identify gaps and low-hanging fruits (high search volume and low keyword difficulty) to create a detailed content calendar. 
  • Produced high-quality, intent-based fresh content.
  • Added search-relevant FAQ content on the important service pages
  • Fixed technical issues like site speed and other core web vitals. 
  • Submitted sitemap to GSC for indexation and for Google to crawl.
  • Fixed orphan pages to have links for user discoverability and for Google Bot to crawl.
  • Set up tracking with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Search Console to understand the site better. 
  • Created strategic internal link structure to allow a smooth flow of SEO equity. 


As mentioned earlier, the site had not been ranking for one year since it launched. However, after we took over and relaunched the site with the right SEO strategies, it started to show an immediate improvement in impressions and page rankings. 

  • Homepage visibility improved almost 400% after we optimized and made content layerings to the page vs the previous month, where there were only 50.
  • Non-branded keyword searches improved in terms of visibility. The impressions grew from a meagre 57 in January 2023 to 2.94 K in Feb 2023. However, since it’s been only a month since the relaunch, the clicks have not been coming yet.

The site immediately started to rank for high-intent keywords.

clicks and impressions

growth in a month

non-branded keyword searches

This case study showing exciting results in just one month is a testament to the transformative powers of SEO.

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