Google My Business (GMB): The Top Tool for Small Businesses

Google My Business (GMB): The Top Tool for Small Businesses

Google My Business(GMB) is a tool which lets buyers and sellers find each other. It is used by the search engine to inform visitors about required service providers in their local area.

When users inquire about a service or product, Google uses My Business to display the name of companies near them which can offer them that. For example, when I type ‘food’ in the search box, information about several restaurants near me pop out.


Visitors can check the name of the place, location, distance, phone number and other useful data including reviews. The tool does excellent work being an intermediary between buyers and sellers.

Benefits of Google My Business Listing for Small Businesses

It is about letting people know you exist. If you know how to use Google My Business effectively, you can easily rank your business at the top of the list. This means you create the most effective advertisement for yourself with thousands of reaches.

You get the world’s most popular search engine to tell people everything they need to know about your company. Talk about the creditability you get through that. The best part is that you don’t need to pay any money.

This tool can give you the number of customers you deserve. The review section in the My Business portal is where most users run their eyes, so if you can create the best experience for your buyers, expect their praises to become a magnet to attract more people.

But that is not the end to it. After you create an account or claim your Google my Business Listing, you can get amazing tools that can help you analyze your market efficiency. You can track audience and check the customer involvement, actions, click through rate and many more.

It also provides you a platform to communicate with your customers directly so that you can get feedback. And one of the new features of the platform is ‘Book an Appointment,’ through which people interested in your company can schedule a visit.

How to Get Started on Google My Business

Choose the Platform

You can use the toolkit in two different ways. One is from the app and another through the website. They both work the same, and which one you use depends on your convenience.

Google My Business App

It suits you if you are willing to use the program through your mobile device. It is available for both Android and IOS. Here are the links:


Google My Business Website

You can easily access the tool through its official website.

Open Your Google My Business Account

First, you will need to see if your business has already been listed. To do that, go to the Google My Business Website and check if the name of your company pops out when you search for it. If yes, click on it and verify your business. But if there is no trace of your business name, you will need to continue below.

1) In the Main Page, Click on Manage Now
2) Enter Your Business Name
3) Add Your Location ‘
4) Enter where you Serve Your Customers
5) Enter in which region your Business is Based in
6) Add a business category. Remember that this is a crucial step and you will need to enter what service you provide.
7) Enter Your Contact Details

After you do every of the above, you will need to enter your mailing address (physical address) of your company. This is done by Google to verify that you are a legit company. The process might take as long as two weeks, and it consists of Google sending you a postcard with a verification PIN.

Well, that’s it. It is everything that you need to do to get a Google My Business Account. Anyway, the real work starts now. You will need to optimize your business information to get more following.

Google My Business Dashboard

The dashboard of the took is simple to use and highly interactive. On the left-hand side,, you can see different categories and click on one of them will let you work on it.


In this category, you enter almost everything that your customer can see about your business.

Add Hours: Here, you enter at what time your office opens and closes.

Add Description: Instead of writing about your company, you should be focusing on the product you serve. A practical description is short, sweet and easy to understand.

Add Logo: You can design a logo yourself or hire someone professional to make it for you. You will need to upload an image file.

Custom Email: Notice how some businesses have their e-mail address such as @(nameofbusiness).com instead of @gmail.com? Well, you can do that too by linking with G-Suite.

Reviews: The verification process must be complete before customers can start reviewing your company. Your buyers can rate your service, and write what they thought about it. Also, you and other customers can reply to what they say.


Google My business posts let you communicate with your customers by giving frequent information about events, discounts, offers, etc. So, if you have any news you want to share with your followers, you can always visit this section of the dashboard. This section also lets you review and edit your previous posts.


This section tries to get every little detail about your business.

Name: Your company name.

Location: The actual physical address of your office. Be very careful about this, because the site that you select will be shown In Google Maps.

Website: The link to your official website. You can add web addresses linking directly to different pages in your site.

Attributes: Secondary information about your business, such as type of venture, unique facilities, etc.

Store Code: It depends on your location. The store code usually is the correct registration number.

Labels: Google Ads Location Extensions Phone: You can add the Google ads phone to know how well your ads are converting into phone calls.

Close this Listing: This is the option you choose if you want to delete your company from Google My Business listing.


These are the analytics of how well your My Business account is doing to gather the following. Knowing the basics of insights is not tough, but learning to use them actually to grow visitors is. These are some common insights which should be known by everyone using Google my Business for small businesses.


Direct Searches: Number of times someone directly entered the name of your office in their search box,

Discovery Searches: Number of times people viewed your listing when they initially searched for one of the services you provide.

Branded Searches: Number of times customers searched for your brand.

Total Searches: Sum of every previous search.

Search Queries

Search queries are the phrases which let people discover your business when they type it in google.


Views on Search: How many viewed your listing via Google search.

Map Views: Number of times customers viewed for you on the Google Map.

Total Views: Sum of the previous two views.

You can also check several other aspects such as image views, customer photos, etc.


Your customers can directly message you through the platform. You can view your messages and reply to them.


You can add a logo, cover picture, profile picture and even a video (virtual tour). Also, you can add other images of your location and service.


If you didn’t know, Google My Business also lets you create a website for your small business. And even that without coding.

You can add text, photos, and other multimedia items to design your website in pre-designed themes. However, you can’t expect a lot, and the site you create through the tool is elementary. Also, you can’t create a ‘.com’ domain but rather be left with a ‘. site.’


You can make your GMB Account accessible to multiple users given that you are not the only one managing the technical aspect of your enterprise.


The settings tab of the GMB lets you choose the language, preferred e-mail, notification about new information, etc.


You can display information from Google My Business if you are creating an advertisement for your small business. This includes putting the location below every Adword listing and letting people know the initials about your company they click on the ad.

Creating an ad is with AdWords and GMB is comprehensive and straightforward. You can pick goals for your ad campaign:

Call Your Business
Visit your Storefront
Take action on Your Website

Google My Business Hacks for Small Businesses to Get More Following

Fill Every Information in the Listing

You will need to have a complete profile, i.e., tell your customers everything you can with the platform, Fill in your name, location, business description and hours. Add your logo and don’t move forward until the listing is complete 100%.

Create Timely Posts

Remember that Google assesses how active the owners are while ranking businesses through its list. Thus, you should consider adding at least one post a day if you expect good results in the search rankings.

Ask for Reviews

Google not only sees the rating but also matches keywords with reviews while ranking corporations. For example, say that someone has written that your department store is the ‘best shop in (your area).’ Then, the next time someone types in ‘best shop in (your area),’ Google considers giving your list a better ranking.

So, about the reviews, you should first request your regular visitors to write something about. You should request them in person; doing it will make them more willing to help you.

Important: Do not give incentives in exchange for a good review as this is against the Terms of Service of Google.

Add Professional Photos

We don’t need to explain this. Attractive photos of your business place is a must if you want people to be interested. You could even consider hiring a professional photo company to take pictures for you; it will turn out to become a good investment.

The Best One Among them is Your Profile Picture

Some prefer a photo of their premises while some choose their logo as a profile picture. Either way, remember that your profile picture is the first thing a potential customer sees about your company so you can’t afford to make any mistake.

A Video Tour

This one is optional, but it helps. Some offices might not want to disclose their entire premises without clients visiting them first, which is fine as well. Just look out for what works the best for you.

Create a Website

Letting you create a site through the platform is Google’s way of telling you how vital it is to have a business website. No business in today’s digital world can succeed without a professionally designed and interactive website.

Building and linking your website with your GMB Account must be your ultimate priority.

Be Very Active in Internet Marketing

Here is the idea- Google My Business is not ‘the’ tool, but ‘one of the tools’ to make your corporate visible to more people on the internet. It works with other factors, such as Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc. to help you make more sales. Thus, you must master all of them if you are willing to gain the maximum number of followers through the internet.

Google My Business Support

We have told you almost everything that you need to know about Google Adwords for small businesses. However, if you are still confused, you can visit the support section of the site. There you can find answers to frequently asked questions, and if nothing solves your inquiry, you can directly contact their associates.


Using Google My Business for Small Businesses is easy, and doing it effectively promises results. Thus, you should be willing to learn everything about the tool if you are a small business owner.


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