What does a Google Penalty look like?

SEO efforts stopped case study

Back in early 2020, we registered a domain for a product dealership company, representing a major brand in Malaysia. 

What does a Google Penalty look like? 1

Our SEO efforts included the following:

  • Building a new website.
  • Technical SEO and necessary elements- site speed, UX, call-to-action button placements, optimization for all devices, etc.
  • Competitor research.
  • Keyword research plus content gap analysis.
  • Layered the existing content by including important transactional keywords.
  • Padding the website with SEO-structured content based on thorough keyword research and competitor analysis. 
  • Created an effective blog sales funnel.
  • Improving the internal linking structure between important service pages.
  • Updating the metadata for all pages.  
  • Sweet spot analysis to identify the low hanging fruit.


The client’s site was ranked even higher than the principal Malaysian website. Tons of non-branded keywords got indexed and ranked for top SERP positions. 

And it didn’t stop at that.

The client got multiple leads and had a whooping growth in their annual sales.

multiple leads

End of the story? NO.

The management eventually stopped our SEO services and got a freelancer to “maintain” the website.   

Well, the last we checked, the site is completely de-indexed from Google and has never recovered ever since.  We learned that the freelancer built toxic backlinks to the website and earned a Google Penalty. 

A story that could easily be a superhit ended up in a flop!

Moral of the story: Only trust professionals to do the job and don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish. 

Invest in professional SEO services. It’s worth your money!

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