Skyrocketing Clicks and Impressions Post Google’s Algorithm Update

The August 2023 Google update posed a new challenge for digital marketers. Our client, a SAAS(Software as a Service) company, faced this head-on.

Generally, for SAAS companies, one of the MAJOR sources of leads will come from content marketing. When proper keyword/competitor research is done, these companies will have empirical numbers of what the target audience is looking for.

The monthly search volumes in exact geo-targeted markets will be very telling, together with the audiences’ search intent. Then, creating SEO-structured content based on data will compound its effectiveness.

These specially-structured articles will be published on the company’s website and eventually ranked for important “money” keywords with high intent.

The same content can be disseminated in all social media and email marketing channels. This way, the website will receive traffic from multiple sources, thus sending Google important “social signals” for ranking.

When the audience gets great content, based on carefully-researched data, it builds out a strong brand for the company, and the content has a higher chance to be shared and go viral.

This case study is not just about numbers. It’s a tale of strategic thinking and SEO prowess.

The results

  • An 129% increase in impressions, showcasing a significant boost in online visibility.
  • A 400% surge in clicks, indicating higher engagement and interest from the target audience.
  • Significant growth in high search volume keyword rankings.
  • The client’s website emerged as a leading authority in its niche.

Skyrocketing Clicks


Our strategy

  • Content audit to identify content gaps.
  • Analysing user behaviour patterns to understand searcher intent more profoundly.
  • Conducted extensive keyword research, focusing on creating intent-based topical clusters around target keywords.
  • Developed high-quality, relevant content that directly addressed the user’s needs and queries.
  • Implemented a meticulous internal linking strategy to enhance SEO equity.
  • Ensured content exhibited Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (EEAT).
  • Meta tags optimisation for better relevance and click-through rates.

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