Website Rebuilding + SEO = Quick Wins For Our Client

growth in total impressions

Our client offers HR consulting services using VR technology – a relatively new and niche market in Asia. 

They came to us with a new website that was only ranking for a few branded keywords and wanted our help to rebuild the website and work on the SEO.

Website Rebuilding + SEO = Quick Wins For Our Client 1

The challenges

The client was concerned about balancing their brand aesthetics with SEO. However, we noticed that the website lacked relevant content. Additionally, their existing copy was vague and stuffed with technical jargon. 

No points for guessing – the website was failing at attracting visitors or getting sufficient conversions. 


  • The website design was not user-friendly. 
  • Existing content was rather hard to grasp and visitors could not understand what services were offered and their business scope. 

Our strategies 

The work commenced with a team call with the client to ensure that the website copy is aligned to their business and marketing goals. 

  • We discussed the need to rebuild the website. We worked as a team with the client to prepare a mockup website to ensure that our content and design are in sync with their brand guidelines. 
  • The mockup included other suggestions to help with website conversion as well as necessary SEO elements (e.g. appropriate keyword and call-to-action button placements, optimized for all devices, etc.)
  • To achieve quick wins for the client, we took advantage of their niche market and updated the website’s important pages with long-tail keywords focusing on their services and USP.
  • The website was then padded with SEO-structured content based on thorough keyword research and competitor analysis. Our strategy was to help reinforce the client’s industry expertise with quality content and create an effective blog sales funnel.


What the graph below depicts is nothing short of amazing! 

Check out the growth in total impressions in just 2 months!

growth in total impressions
Note: The drop in impressions on 23/8 is due to a reporting bug on Search Console, as confirmed by Google.
  • The website went from only ranking for a few branded keywords to ranking for hundreds of non-branded, highly relevant keywords in just 2 months.

long-tail keywords

  • With the help of the long-tail keywords identified from our research, we successfully secured a few spots on Page 1 of Google across the client’s targeted countries despite being in a hypercompetitive industry.

Page 1 of Google

no 4 of page 1 google

no 5 of page 1 google

  • The website’s performance has been consistently improving in the client’s targeted countries with our focused optimization efforts.

This is just the beginning of our work for this client. 

We’ve helped improve the website visibility by ranking for many important keywords. We’re now working on improving the ranking of these keywords to drive more organic traffic to the website. Our ultimate goal is to convert these visitors into leads.

ranking of keywords

The results demonstrate the power of SEO-structured websites with content that matches search intent. 

On a side note, the case study also depicts the importance of aligning our work to our client’s needs and goals. For us, onboarding a client means not just working on the SEO side of things but treating them as our business partners.

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