SEO Content Writing Strategy that Won 2000% Boost of Search Traffic

The case study is a classic example to show how holistic SEO strategies can be an important tool to increase search volumes and attract major foreign leads.

Check out these figures for our reputed client:

  • A 2000% hike in search traffic.
  • 85.3% increase in the number of new users visiting the site.
  • 5.1% improvement in site CTR (click-through rate).
  • More than 5000 keywords indexed
  • A big percentage of traffic coming from 1st-tier countries.

The figures speak for themselves!

Before SEO Optimizations

Our client is a well known local beverage and drinks manufacturer. Plans of global expansion targeting global importers, wholesalers and distributors were considered early in 2019.

While growth strategies and marketing efforts were in place, attention from international buyers was hard to come by.

Clearly, there was a big missing piece in the puzzle.

When the client first approached in May 2019, our SEO team quickly analyzed their existing website and blog in order to identify issues that prevented them from getting high Google search rankings.

The following problems were highlighted by us:

Bottlenecks Identified

  • Non-existent content development strategy
  • Their articles were not well researched and were thin in substance.
  • Keyword identification and competitive analysis were not done.
  • On-page optimization was non-existent
  • Content strength appeared poor in terms of focus keyword, semantically linked words, and global search queries.
  • No proper backlinking from related websites
  • Existing articles sere cannibalizing each other for strong keywords

After SEO Optimizations

We took over the client’s blog and SEO implementation works in mid-June 2019.

The following graph is a comparison of site performance after our team started managing it:

The strong hikes seen as a result of our SEO efforts in terms of search traffic, number of new users, and CTR (click-through rate) were encouraging.

Following were the key actions taken by us for this particular case:

1. Site Migration

Considering the client’s expansion plans, our technical and hosting team migrated the site from a local hosting company to a world-class international hosting company, known for their speed and performance.

Our technical team also optimized the site by implementing a CDN (Content Delivery Network) that caches site images and content and then serving it using the nearest global servers.

We worked on identifying and fixing major technical errors with sitemaps, .htaccess file, site structures and especially mobile-usability issues.

2. International targeting

We understood the client’s need to target global markets. We, therefore, started our keyword research to win for Tier-1 markets like USA, UK, Australia, and Canada.

3. Devised a customized content strategy for the client

After conducting a thorough analysis of the top 10 search results for all major keywords (focusing on global markets), the following needful was carried out by us:

  • Creating a content calendar- A well-planned schedule targeting six months after onboarding the client was prepared.
  • Competitor analysis- A thorough study and scrutiny of articles ranking on the first page of Google’s SERP(Search Engine Result Page) was carried out. We researched each ranking article for various criteria like keyword strength, number of semantically linked words being used, backlinks obtained, search volumes, user intent, etc.
  • Identification of target keywords – We recognized the need to create pillar content focusing on some of their most highly-valuable keywords. We also understood the need to develop strong articles to support the main piece and worked towards it.
  • Analysis of existing content for keyword/keyphrase cannibalization issues – All such problems were sorted by consolidation, deleting or by redirecting them appropriately.
  • Creating fresh work- Our SEO writing team reverse-engineered the top-ranking SERP articles. This included fresh research to outrank the leading position holders.
  • Trimming out a large amount of thin content.
  • Optimization strategies – These included
    • Using a combination of advance optimization tools
    • Identification and filling in keyword gaps
    • On-page optimization after careful keyword and competitive research was done
    • Syncing content with the searcher’s intent
    • Creating valuable links within the articles
    • Continually update the existing pieces by doing content layering
    • Relaunching the articles

Following is an example of an article re-launch strategy:

  • We identified an article that was not ranking despite targeting strong and valuable keywords.
  • Semantically linked words were identified using gap analysis tools from a combination of specialized software.
  • Article was re-written using proprietary layering strategies.
  • The content was updated using stronger links and appropriate images.
  • Once the above were all done, the article was republished and submitted to Google for indexing.
  • Our outreach team worked to get high authority backlinks to the content.
  • A set of secondary/cluster articles were created to support and link to the main one

4. Creating valuable backlinks

Following the article relaunch (and as the content started ranking higher), our outreach team started work on international citations. Backlinks were generated for all important articles which further boosted the rankings.

We also conducted a thorough link by link audit to weed out backlinks from “bad neighbourhood/spammy” or “toxic” websites.

And the results:

Almost instantly after the relaunch, dozens of keywords started to get indexed by Google and some important ones began to creep to the 1st page of the SERP!

As a result of our focused SEO content creation and optimization efforts, more than 5,000 important and highly-targeted keywords started getting indexed and moved up in rankings.

Check out the information below for the top 10 keywords that improved in average rankings, website clicks and impressions shown on SERP.
Also, worth noting is the fact that a significant percentage of traffic increment was from Tier-1 countries like USA, Canada, Australia, UK, etc.

Overall site improvement based on our strategies

By November 2019, only after 5 months of onboarding the client, the organic search traffic and site page views grew significantly..

By November 2019, our client’s site and its content started ranking on top Google pages hitting its target for global keywords! Needless to mention, traffic sky-rocketed, bringing them additional new revenues and global leads!

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