Strategies to Win Valuable Organic Traffic in a Hyper-Competitive Industry

Our client is a site that provides services in the finance niche- accounting, taxation, corporate secretariat consultancy, etc. Since they are based in Singapore, the world’s financial hub, we knew that the market would be hyper-competitive. 

This meant that we had to carve our own space when fighting for big money keywords that some of the top sites were easily ranking for. 

What did we do?

We decided to start with what was most crucial to get the ball rolling. 

Here’s what we did between December 2021 to March 2022:

  • Site audit to fix technical issues on the website.
  • Focused our optimization efforts on the client’s targeted country – Singapore.
  • In-depth keyword research and competitor analysis to improve existing content by layering it with the right intent and keywords.
  • Sweet spot analysis to identify the low-hanging fruits. 
  • Analyzed existing performance and power pages to identify internal linking opportunities.
  • Worked to improve the EAT(Expertise, Authority, Trust) by adding expert profiles. 
  • Tested the site’s UI/UX to ensure smooth user journeys. 

The impressions started picking up by April 2022. This was when we implemented our next stage of SEO strategies:

  • Reverse cluster strategy
  • Started with the “easy to win” keywords first instead of the ones difficult to rank (high search volumes but intense competition). 
  • Establish a flow of focused traffic that is willing to convert. 
  • Once the site received some favourable impressions, leverage the SEO equity to high competition keywords by writing epic educational content.
  • Prepared a layout for internal linking between pages to allow a smooth flow of SEO juice to power pages where big-ticket transactions happen.
  • Created an effective blog sales funnel by producing fresh SEO-structured content to help the website rank for more informational keywords.

How we helped a client carve their space amongst industry giants

The result

SEO is not always a magic wand that will show instant effects. However, consistent and right efforts over time produce results that may keep compounding. 

The site saw a jump in impressions and a steady increase in clicks.

Additionally, the client is now competing on the first page with industry giants, and many important and highly-competitive keywords started getting indexed.

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