How to Dominate Google Rankings with SEO-Structured Content

Our client offers UX/UI web development consulting in Malaysia. We took over SEO content services around March 2022.

The Challenge

The website had a blog page, but it was not bringing significant contributions in terms of organic traffic and impressions. Our audit showed the following concerns:

  • The existing content was not SEO-optimized for headers and meta-tags. 
  • Some crucial keywords (with informational intent) were used up by case studies which drew no traffic. 
  • Various existing blogs were cannibalizing each other and fighting for the same keywords.
  • Many important primary and secondary keywords had not been taken up.
  • The blog pages had a poor internal linking structure. 
  • The service page content was poorly optimized. 

Our Approach

Our goal was to win important non-branded traffic and help introduce the brand to new customers. 

Here’s what we did:

  • Content audit to identify the key issues (always followed by a robust brainstorming session 😁)
  • Sweet spot analysis to determine the low-hanging fruit.
  • Keyword research plus in-depth content gap analysis.
  • Layered the blogs that were taking up critical keywords and yet not streamlined with search intent. 
  • Created a strong content cluster strategy. This included:
  • Writing epic pillar content using primary informational keywords
  • Creating supporting content using long-tail phrases.
  • Creating a layout for internal linking to allow a smooth flow of SEO juice to power pages where transactions happen.
  • Optimized the service page content for transactional keywords.


It took over two months for the labour to bear fruits, but the results have been worth the effort.

Importance of SEO structured content

The impressions started to pick up around mid-May and have shown a consistent upswing. 

The client is now ranked on page 1 for many competitive “money” keywords, some of which were not even ranking previously. Many of these have won the number 1 spot on Google beating strong competitors.

Content is king, and if you’re in the SEO business, you have to treat it with respect! 👑👑

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