SEO Case Study: How We Used SEO-Structured Content to Generate Tons of Leads for a SaaS Company

In June 2023, we started working on a SaaS client who is facing a significant challenge – their web traffic was stagnant, and their online presence was diminishing.

Generally, one of the top marketing ways for SaaS is through content marketing. This will build out the authority, expertise and trust of the brand over time. Content marketing that takes the lead from SEO strategies will result in compounding viral and network effects.

With SEO, now the SaaS company has empirical numbers on what people are searching for and at what search volumes per month. Once content is created using these valuable info, it must be properly structured for Google’s algorithms and also formatted for human readership.

This SEO-structured content is further disseminated in all social channels and email lists. All these will drive traffic back to the website, giving tons of “social signals” to Google.

FYI, ‘social signals” is an important ranking factor that will push up rankings for major keywords.

By combining SEO-structured content marketing strategies properly, SaaS companies can practically own its niche over time and the result will continue to compound for as long as the business is alive.

The results

In just six months, our SEO-structured content strategy led to:

  • A 155% boost in organic traffic… and growing fast.
  • Dramatic SERP(Search Engine Result Page) position jumps where numerous “money” keywords moved from obscurity (like the 9th page) to the coveted first page, with many ranking in the top 5 positions.

Tangible conversions and significant revenue growth for our client.

SEO-Structured Content to Generate Tons of Leads for a SaaS Company

numerous “money” keywords moved from obscurity

Our strategy

  • SEO discovery brainstorming: An in-depth discussion to align with the client’s brand vision and identify key target keywords.
  • Content audit & gap analysis: A thorough examination of existing content to spot opportunities for improvement.
  • Extensive keyword research: Focusing on those with high potential for traffic and conversion
  • Content refresh & SEO structuring: Revamped existing content and created new, SEO-optimized pieces.
  • Topical authority creation: Created fresh content around primary keywords and their semantic variations.
  • Content alignment with search intent: A meticulously crafted content strategy to resonate with the client’s audience at different stages of their journey.
  • Internal linking for SEO equity: To ensure a seamless flow of SEO value across the site, enhancing user experience and conversion potential.

Our journey with this SaaS client is more than a success story; it’s a blueprint for digital transformation through SEO-structured content. It’s a vivid reminder that the right strategies don’t just lead to growth; they lead to dominance!

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