Does Using Google AdWords Help SEO?

Whether Google AdWords is better than SEO or not, remains a dilemma for many marketers.

However, Google Adwords can’t be used in place of SEO, but it can supplement it. This is by gaining insights to carry forward in your SEO strategy.

When SEO can take up to 12 months before showing results, Google ads campaign can be launched in the morning and have results by evening.

Many people prefer AdWords because they can quickly determine whether it’s working or not. 

This makes sure that the content you produce is exactly what readers need.

How to use AdWords to boost organic growth

1. Retargeting/Remarketing

This is the process of targeting people who have engaged or seen your ad. This method is effective because they are now familiar with your brand. 

It can be helpful to SEO in the following ways.

  • Understanding your customers: By tracking their activities to know their long term interests and what they’re shopping, you can engineer content in that direction.
  • Recapture non-converting customers: Sometimes it takes multiple visits before customers finally trust you to buy from you. Following the trend of people who are already viewing your ads, and using this information to create your content reduces the time taken to convert visitors to customers.

2. Search terms report

Effective SEO is where you use the right keywords with the intent of the user. For example, if you try to rank for a large keyword such as shoes, it might be pointless because even though you may get a tone of views, they may not convert to actual buyers. It may also be hard to rank for such keywords because of the high competition.

Through the search report from AdWords, you’ll know the exact word that is triggering your campaign, which is a massive clue to a successful SEO strategy.

3. Ad Click-Through Rates (CTRs)

This shows the number of people who clicked on an ad. A high CTR indicates that the ad was well crafted and attracted many people to respond.

There are various ways you can use high CTRs for SEO. They include:

Using the Adwords as Headlines. Decide which headlines drive in more traffic and use them as your Meta title tags for your blog. Monitoring these patterns and incorporating them will help boost your website’s organic search click rate.

Use Adwords phrases. Analyze your ads and see what descriptions are getting more engagements. Are they the long formats or the short formats? Use this data to craft your Meta descriptions.

AdWords Keyword. After analyzing which keywords have more impressions, use them for on-page optimization purposes.

PS. Using the Adword information may help you gain more clicks, but it won’t help you keep the readers. Don’t over-promise on your Meta description and under deliver on your content or services. The bounce rate will betray you, and all this might go to waste. 

4. Geographical performance

There are many types of SEO; one of them is local SEO, which helps business people with mortar shops to draw traffic to their shop. Most of these leads buy the same day.

This is effective because customers are searching for products online before proceeding to sales.  

Well, even if you’re only selling online, you can use Google Adwords to enhance an international, national, or regional SEO campaign.

Here is what to look for:

  • Conversions or Revenue. Which regions lead to more sales or sign-ups?
  • CTR, Impressions, and Clicks. Are most of your clicks coming from several clicks?

With this information, you can use Google trends to know what phrases the people in this area are using and whether their popularity is growing.

Using this data, you improve your on-site optimization. 

5. Display network audience data

Although there are roughly 200 ranking factors, we can all agree that quality backlinks play a huge role. A little scroll at the search engines, and you’ll find out that most of the pages on page one have more than 200 backlinks.

But building links for every content you want to rank can be time-consuming and not very effective. However, you can use the Google display network to find effective linking opportunities.

You only need to check the sites where your ad was displayed and analyze the engagement.

Sort by conversions and clicks and come up with a list.

For each of the potential sites, see if their audience could be potential customers. Secondly, check their domain rating or authority (the higher the authority, the better). If the site passes these criteria, find a way to get a backlink from them using a method such as guest posting.

6. It makes pitching SEO services easier

SEO is a long term marketing plan. And although it takes 12 months plus to show the results in some cases, it is still a great strategy.

Since it takes time, many business owners are not very open to it. You can, however, make them see that they can get the same traffic they’re getting in the future without spending so much on AdWords.

Using Google AdWords to enforce SEO

By analyzing your PPC results and finding a way to incorporate them into your SEO strategy, you’re on a journey to ranking well in the search results.

Remember, SEO takes time to grow, but the effort is all worth it. You may use Google AdWords during this period to get traffic until your SEO efforts bear fruits.


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