Trustworthy SEO Company: Is There Such a Thing & How Would you Know?

As per the Junto report, 57 per cent of B2B marketers state that SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) generates more leads than any other marketing strategy. If you are an organization that is looking to reap the rewards from SEO, you need much more than spending thousands of dollars every year. You need an able partner and the right tactic to let the business take advantage of it.


Many companies opt for in-house SEO. While some do it due to the availability of experts, others do it due to the sheer lack of understanding regarding the depth and knowledge required. If you are one who is looking for a third-party partner to up your SEO game, we suggest you read the entire article.

Why is SEO service necessary?

It is not without reason that everyone is aiming to excel at SEO. It is an important factor to get results in terms of web traffic, leads and conversions. It ensures that the one who deserves it is at the top. Without SEO, manipulation would have been far easier a job, and you would see random sites leading the charts.

Not just for businesses, SEO is equally important for others as well. People put a lot of faith on search engines and ranking on top is an indicator of your credibility for them. It also helps users to collect relevant information within a few clicks. Plus, it ensures that users go back for repeat purchases from your site.

Things to know about SEO before hiring your agency

Yes, we know that you want the best SEO partner for your online business. But there are certain things that you must know about and communicate with the other party before signing the deal.

  • Plan long term

For those thinking of achieving overnight results, SEO won’t help you with that. It takes months to rank on Google and more so to continue. There are several factors along with stiff competition which is always looking for innovative ways to beat you. It would be best if you discussed the duration of the contract before signing it.

  • It is more than just SEO

If you are looking for a successful SEO campaign, you must understand that there are a lot of additions along with just the main one. It will have mobile marketing, social marketing, email marketing, promotions, and a lot of other ancillary activities to make it a success. Many organizations promise to rank you at the top, but very few will give you the ancillaries as well.

  • It doesn’t mean link building alone

Trustworthy SEO partners

Cheap link building doesn’t even require money, and you can do it yourself. If you thought SEO is all about link building, it is not! Link building is a part of the overall strategy, but it is most efficient when you practice it in conjunction with the other parts. The main aim of SEO is that the site remains user-friendly, fast, intuitive and ranks well irrespective of the search engine in the frame.

Add important information like Google’s latest updates on link building and how the algorithms these days detect and put a penalty on deliberate link building efforts. Why links should be natural? 

Add a few more points, like “it is all about searcher’s intent”, “understanding the competition, target markets and the niche” etc. 

What to look for in an SEO service provider?

There are several indicators that can help you zero onto the best SEO team tor your organization. Here are some of them that you must be acquainted with to choose the best –

  • The utilization of White Hat SEO techniques

If you want to sustain long, you must understand that there is no place for black hat techniques in whatever you do. Always opt for an organization employing white hat techniques. The one you choose must use SEO and other strategies that are ethical and won’t hamper your growth in the long run. 

  • An excellent and effective communicator

You must look for a company with an effective communicator at the helm of communication. It will ensure that your priorities are well understood, and there is no place for misunderstanding or half-baked promises. When you get a call from the SEO firm, it will be a detailed conversation, and they will point out everything they do in a relaxed and understandable manner.

  • The talking is backed by results

47% of people prefer to watch 3-5 pieces of content created by a company before talking to its executives. A vital sign of a good SEO company is that whatever they say is supported by data and case studies.. There is no fluff or anticipation involved while conversing with them. If they are worth it, the data they provide will speak more than they did..

  • Conversion Rate should be the aim

SEO is all about conversion. Even though there are people who say traffic matters and we do not deny it, but if the traffic is not converting to clients,  Our SEO strategy should be such that it induces a customer into giving us a chance to prove our mettle.

  • Social Media presence is significant

Social media has gained a lot of traction and is becoming more and more crucial with every passing minute. Make sure that you choose a company with an excellent social presence across multiple platforms. In addition to that, they must be regularly in touch with their followers which will ensure that people trust it and they are credible.

  • Thorough professionals

SEO is a serious job and requires dedication and professionalism. While choosing the default one for you, make sure that the team consists of professionals who know what they are doing. They should also be responsible for communicating every step to you and having a transparent working culture.

  • Presence of ample analytics tools

The hallmark of a good SEO company is its expertise with Google Analytics. It will help them understand where you are lagging behind and possible pain points that they must get rid of to ensure that you rule the roost.  

  • Check its understanding of the subject and the niche

You must gauge the organization’s ability to understand and fiddle with SEO. Even after that, check if it understands your niche and can work around it. If they are good, they would tell you things that your site lacks in and how can you improve them. Otherwise, they will just make fake promises. 

How to evaluate an SEO professional?

Being an industry that keeps on evolving, you must have a list of criteria on which to assess the options before choosing an SEO organization in Malaysia or your country.

Here are the key factors which will help you evaluate an SEO professional – 

  • Price

The first and foremost thing you need to remember is to avoid those who offer cheap SEO services. SEO is a very specialized sector with skilled professionals. It takes dedicated efforts and hard work to study an existing website, evaluate its shortcomings, create an SEO strategy that wins and work for it. 

While the markets are flooded with low priced SEO services, it is always advisable to value quality, long term cost-effectiveness and the potential to deliver results. 

Ask your shortlisted SEO partner for customized plans which suit your needs, are priced well, and demand a reasonable period for giving results.

  • Past Performance

If you hover on the internet, you will find several reputable firms publishing their portfolios and feedbacks from the clients. It makes it easier for you to judge them and choose wisely.

If you are interested in a firm that has no published reports yet, you should ask for their past results in terms of case studies and reports. It will help you choose the one with the best results or the one whose price to performance ratio is the best.

What are the red flags that you must look for?

Digital Marketing

Even though an SEO company shows a lot of promise and looks good, to begin with, there can be some red flags that often go unnoticed.

Keep an eye on the following pointers while zeroing on an SEO provider for yourself –

  • You see a hint of Black Hat SEO, and it is time you run away from them.
  • The company is reluctant to pick up your calls or doesn’t invite you to their offices.
  • They won’t tell you how they got the links. In that case, check if they are employing illegal means to get them.
  • If they are a one-person brand, it is good to ignore them. SEO is complicated and need a lot of people to achieve it.
  • If they are offering link-building packages, it is probably fishy. If they are employing ethical means, they cannot assure a certain number of monthly or quarterly links at any cost.
  • They are hiding search volumes. If they are showing you that you are merely ranking without showing you how many people are looking for the keywords, they are probably using dead keywords.
  • Their website is not ranking well. If they cannot manage their site, how do you expect such people to get you ranked?
  • They have no past case studies to showcase. 

Final Words

After putting all the viable options across various benchmarks, it is time you decide the right one for yourself. Once you choose a trustworthy SEO partner, it is where the real game starts.

Everyone is busy claiming themselves to be the SEO master, but you need to find the one that is genuine and suits your needs. Besides, do not forget about the ancillary services and keep looking for red flags while on your quest to get the desired partner.

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