Winning SEO Rankings in an Ultra-Competitive Market

In this case study, we want to show you how a holistic SEO strategy that combines basic content development and silo-ing topical relevant information can do wonders.

Getting onto the first page of Google search is extremely tough, especially if you are in a competitive niche like mobile advertising and fighting with giants.

However, through hard work and strong SEO tactics, it can be done. Check out the below charts for a mobile advertising company.

Global Google ranking
– 244 “money” keywords on #1 to #3 positions
– 395 keywords from #4 to #10
– this means we have about 600 keywords on the 1st page
– total keywords in the index is 5,456 .
– 70% of traffic comes from USA, UK, Canada, and other 1st-tier countries.

This FREE organic traffic brings the website more than USD19.3K worth of traffic monthly, should we pay for it using Adwords.

The 2nd chart below shows that the website is ranked higher than even IAB, Digiday, Wikipedia and the nearest competitor is Google themselves.

Out of almost 200 important keywords we are tracking, the average position is 11+ and Google is 23+. Yes, the website wins Google by 2X!

The website is TOP among 2,300 sites for about 125 money keywords in the ultra-competitive niche of mobile advertising. We outrank the likes of Wikipedia, Digiday & Quora. Heck, we even beat Google itself in the global rankings of these 125 keywords. 

Out of the 125 keywords, the site has 48 that are ranked at #1, #2 & #3 GLOBALLY and the average ranking is about #10, beating Google by almost 2X (their average rank is about #20)


With the right content that is well-researched for user-intent, keyword phrase and competitor-analyzed, a website can rank very high, even if the competitors are giants in its field. Oc course, you have to combine all these with proper on-site and off-site optimization too.

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