Strategies to get stubborn & highly competitive keywords indexed/ranked in Google fast.

This is a quick extension of our previous case study for our client, which offers consulting services in the VR technology niche. 

The client had originally come to us with a new website that was only ranking for a few branded keywords. We helped them rebuild the website and worked on their SEO. 

Our keyword research strategies initially helped the client score a few spots on Page 1 of Google across their targeted countries. 

All good? We thought so too, until new hurdles stared back at us. 

New challenges

The client launched two new pages catering to some specific services in their target countries. 

The pages were not just important for the client in terms of business but very crucial for SEO. Our keyword research and competitor analysis told us that these pages were a quick-win opportunity for the client and could boost their traffic to a whole new level.

However, not everything went as smoothly as we predicted. 

  • We could not seem to get Google to index these new pages with any of our previous strategies. 
  • At one point, we did manage to get the pages indexed but they dropped out of indexing again!

Our solution

Here’s what we did next:

  • Conducted a more robust competitor analysis to understand the loopholes.
  • Layered the content with important keywords based on our content gap analysis. 
  • Added statistics linking to authority websites to strengthen EAT(Expertise, Authority, Trust). 
  • Added a facilitator (with bio) section to the pages, again to strengthen the EAT. 
  • Conducted fresh technical audits to fix any underlying issues. 
  • Created a solid internal link web to send SEO strength from some other pages to these new ones. 

And the result?

Here’s what happened:

Strategies to get stubborn & highly competitive keywords indexed

The pages got indexed as soon as we implemented our strategies. 

And that’s not all. The site started to rank for targeted keywords and pulled in 2.12 K impressions post indexing. Once these two pages picked up momentum on Google, other pages on the website started getting attention too. 

In addition to the growth in traffic, the client also started receiving quality leads and could close up a few strong conversions. 

Some relief, but work is not over yet. As our client’s SEO partners, we are back on our toes to find new winning strategies for them!

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