How we grew our site impressions from 2k to 4k+ in three months!

We own an informational site that talks about solar panels and other solar products. 

Since we’ve been targeting global readership and competing against industry giants for the same keywords, the journey was never a bed of roses.

We focussed on the step-by-step implementation of our well-researched SEO strategies and started from the very basics. 

How we grew our site impressions from 2k to 4k+ in three months! 1

What did we do?

Besides building a user-friendly website design, we got our technical SEO and mobile usability issues in top order. 

Our next step was to identify the low-hanging fruits- easy to win/low competition keywords. 

Once we had a strong list prepared, we arranged them in clusters according to the searcher’s intent. 

This is when we put our SEO brains together and formulated the reverse cluster strategy in implementation.

Reverse cluster strategy- What is it?

The idea is simple. Instead of targeting difficult keywords (high search volumes but strong competition), we started our journey right from the bottom. 

This meant writing content for the “easy to win” keywords. These are usually the long-tail keywords that cater directly to the search queries on Google. 

Winning them wasn’t so hard. 

Once we had some traffic flowing to these, the next step was to create content for high search volume keywords. Along with that, we created internal links within the cluster to allow a smooth flow of SEO juice.Organic traffic

This helped us rank faster for the money keywords that were initially hard to win.

What next?

Our next plan of action was to layer the content with more information based on search intent. The process started around early September when we did a thorough competitor gap analysis and padded the articles with relevant information. 

The results?

From the beginning of our layering efforts in September to the current date, the website has seen consistent growth in organic traffic. 

There’s been a jump in impressions by 200%, and the clicks increased by 250%!

jump in impressions

We’re hopeful that with our SEO efforts, the upswing will continue! victory

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