Increasing impressions by 200% and clicks by 118% is possible!

Our client is an email marketing SAAS platform and was initially targeting customers within Malaysia and the US market. 

While we concentrated our SEO efforts in these countries, the site also slowly started showing its presence amongst global competitors and gained some attention in other countries like UK, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam. 

Over time, the presence in these countries started to gain traction and the client saw a surge in email subscriptions and signups from these countries. This motivated them to expand into these countries. 

And that’s when we started to put our SEO brains to use in order to help them improve their presence in these countries. 

Increasing impressions by 200% and clicks by 118% is possible! 1

What did we do?

Our team started doing deeper research to look for location-focused keywords and creating content for specific target countries. 

We started launching new content in January 2021 and the site started to show steady growth by February. 

The results?

The site saw a jump in impressions by 200%. The clicks increased 118%!

clicks increased 118%

Over the past few months, our email marketing client has seen substantial growth in customers and new signups by 28.6% (10% of their total sign-ups).

Goal achieved. More to go!

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