How we Increased Traffic & Sales to one Category Page for an Ecommerce Company, after just 1 Month.

Our client is an ecommerce website for home utility products.  We started SEO work for them in November 2022 and quickly identified a few important category/product pages as “low-hanging fruits” to work on.

This case study shows the work for one particular category page, which showed a good increase in revenues almost immediately.

Our website audit showed many glaring issues that needed quick fixes. These included:

  • On-page optimization did not focus on the right keywords. 
  • Unorganised H tags.
  • Broken backlinks.
  • Slow page loading speed.
  • Poor mobile responsiveness.
  • Content on the target category pages did not cater to the search intent.

Our strategy

Here’s what we did to get the ball rolling:

  • Reworked on-page optimization for the chosen category page with intent-based keywords and the client’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition).
  • Thorough keyword research to identify the most searched industry keywords for the category.
  • Competitor analysis to identify gaps and opportunities for the page.
  • Implemented content layering strategy to add value to help Google understand it better. This was done by adding fresh and relevant content and organizing them under strategically chosen headers. 
  • Fixed broken backlinks on the page. 
  • Improved UX (User Experience) by rectifying loading speed and mobile usability. 

Results after technical fixes and on page

clicks and impressions increased

  • After a month of implementing the SEO fixes, the page showed an increase of 50% in impressions– from 116k to 173k.
  • The clicks increased by 26% – from 12.1k to 15.2k.
  • A substantial increase in sales and revenues for the products in the category.

Overall, our quick-fix strategies successfully boosted the impressions for the most important category page on the website, thereby increasing the organic traffic and revenue.

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