Almost 120% Increase in Page Rankings in 3 Weeks With Proper Keywords

On Site Optimization Growth Chart

Previously, we onboarded a new SEO client and based on our holistic and foundational strategy, migrated the site to a much faster hosting, set up an SSL and did some internal structural changes to the site.

After a detailed audit, we sped up the site load speed from 8.6 seconds to 2.6 seconds by putting in a CDN, browser caching and database optimization.

After that, we did a thorough keyword analysis on all their main pages and found that they were totally not optimized.

We studied all their top competitors ranking in the first page of Google and reverse-engineered why they are ranked at the top. Once we have identified the low-hanging fruits, we moved the levers that can have the biggest impact, in the shortest time.

Our main objective was to get as many of their important keywords to be indexed in Google, no matter if they are ranked on the later or top pages. The goal was just to get the right keywords into Google’s index as fast as possible first.

Before we did the optimization, they had only a few hundred keywords that were totally irrelevant to their business in Google’s index: the names of their clients, location names, general phrases which are unrelated.

As you can see in the charts below, after the proper keyword research and competitive analysis, we almost doubled the number of keywords in Google’s index for them and most of them are direct hit terms of their business solutions, with high conversion intent.

Keyword Ranking Results
Increased the number of keywords ranked in search results
Page Ranking Results
Improved page rankings in search results

We will be pushing hundreds more keywords into Google and drive the existing ones to as near to 1st page as possible.

They will then see the valuable targeted and free organic search traffic soar.

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