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consistent SEO efforts

This is a quick extension of a previous case study for our client, which deals in local rental and coworking space business in Singapore.

They had initially come to us with a website that wasn’t SEO friendly and not ranking locally for any of the important keywords. We helped them rebuild the website and worked on their SEO. 

Our keyword research strategies and SEO content initially helped the client win some critical spots on Page 1 of Google within their target country. 

But SEO is about building new strategies and consistently adding them to your previous plans. 

New challenges

The site kept showing a steady growth curve for a year. This is when we decided to test our new strategies. 

Our SEO audits showed that most organic traffic to the site kept coming from blog content. Additionally, we realised that certain blogs were ranking on page 1 for important keywords, but the relevant service pages were not ranking for it. 

While it was good that Google saw our blogs as super informational and we managed to win impressions, conversions were not happening at the rate we wanted. 

Our solution

Here’s what we did next:

  • Conducted a more robust competitor analysis to look for content gaps on our service pages.
  • Made the web copies user-friendly by layerings them with search intent based information, important keywords, FAQ, etc.  
  • Created a solid internal link web to send SEO strength from already ranking informational pages to these transactional ones. 

And the result?

Check out the growth we’ve seen in the last six months:

Our target service pages finally started ranking on Page 1 for the relevant keywords. The website has pulled in over 2K new impressions after the changes we implemented. 

Additionally, the client also started receiving quality leads and managed to close up some strong conversions. 

We’ve been advocating the compounding effects of SEO. This case study proves how consistent SEO efforts offer long-term returns to your business. 

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consistent SEO efforts

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