How we helped a New Website Achieve Rankings and Build Authority

How do you establish an online presence and compete with established players in a highly competitive industry when you have a brand-new website with no existing traffic or authority?

This was the challenge our team faced when we were approached by our client. 

Our approach

We onboarded the client in November 2022. Our first target was to get some organic traffic flow to the website. 

  • Conducted keyword research and competitor analysis to identify relevant and valuable keywords our client should target. 
  • Optimized their landing pages with semantically-related phrases that send the right triggers to Google’s NLP algorithms.
  • Rewrote the existing content to ensure it catered to the search intent and was structured for SEO. 
  • To begin with, prepared four SEO-structured articles targeting the most important keywords the client wanted to rank for. These articles were designed to provide valuable information to their target audience and demonstrate their expertise in the industry. 
  • Created a strategic layout for internal linking to allow SEO juice to flow to the key pages.


  • The site started showing some growth within the first two weeks of implementing our SEO strategies and kept growing consistently.
  • The impressions increased from zero to about 2k per day in three months. 
  • It was ranking for various money keywords after two months of onboarding. Some keywords even started to rank on Page 1 in the third month of starting the work. 
  • We managed to win a few featured snippets for some of their relevant money keywords. 

As we always say, effective SEO strategies can make a huge difference in establishing your brand in the online world, and this case study sets a good example!

Achieve rankings and build authority

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For more case studies, visit us at 

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