1000% Revenue Growth in Less Than 2 Months With Compound Marketing

How important is SEO to an eCommerce company?

How about almost 10X revenues in about 1+ month?

We took on a client with substantially high authority in its hyper-competitive space. They were already ranking for tonnes of keywords, but most of them were not aligned to the searchers’ buying intent.

Our research team then:

  1. Re-accessed some of their top product and category pages,
  2. Set up proper tracking & attributions
  3. Optimized the pages with proper content.
  4. Disavowed toxic backlinks
  5. Executed some technical SEO magic

.. and that created a huge spike of revenues for them.

As we worked on more and more on-page optimization, and some additional technical SEO efforts, the revenues and rankings in Google just kept on climbing.

This is the power of compound marketing with a properly SEO-structured website and specially-written content.

Remember, the work that is done on the site has a future “carry-on” effect and as Google starts to give it more love, the traffic and revenues will continue to compound for years to come.

All retainer fees to us are fully paid for in the very first month of them engaging us and will continue to be paid for in the future.

Who says SEO is expensive then? 😉

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