From 0 to 400 Organic Keywords With SEO Content

To drive traffic to your website, first you need to get as many keywords indexed in the search engines (SEs). You do this by optimizing your current content or create new ones, after doing proper keyword research and competitive analysis.

Content to the SEs is like fuel to a car. Well-researched SEO articles are like rocket fuel but bad ones are like kerosene which doesn’t move the needle much.

If your site structure/speed is not good, you will simply just waste the “crawl budget” of the SEs. The crawler will not bring back many keywords to be indexed, or maybe none at all.

Hence, to feed Googlebot, you need to put out the red carpet and make its life easy to crawl your site.

Once you have loads of keywords in Google’s database, the next objective is to move as many of them towards the 1st page of the search engine result page (SERP)

Stats says that:

  • 1st position gets 35% of clicks
  • 2nd gets 15%
  • 3rd gets 11%
  • 4th to 10th gets 39%

This does not include position zero that is mainly featured snippet blocks. These blocks take up the most real estate on the SERP and gets about 30% more than the 1st position.

This means, if you are ranked in the 2nd page of SERP, you instantly lose 90% of your target market. In fact, 90% of the world population only look at the 1st page of SERP.

Look at the charts below.

Traffic With SEO Content From 0 to 400 Organic Keywords With SEO Content 1

Once we onboard new SEO clients, our main objective is to get loads of keywords crawled by Google. Then, it is a mad dash towards the 1st page of SERP. This generally takes about 3 months and the strategy is executed in stages.

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