Ranking Niche Keywords Worth Millions of Dollars in Potential Revenues.

Our client comes from a very competitive product market, selling and renting specialized containers globally. 

Even though the search volume is not extremely high, the value of a sale is in the tens of thousands. The LTV(Live Time Value) of each client is in the hundreds of thousands/millions USD.

We took over the site’s SEO services in February 2022. 

Initial observations

Our initial SEO and content audits resulted in the following findings:

  • The site was not ranking for any of the important non-branded keywords and was, therefore, not getting much visibility. What’s more, their main product keyword was not ranking well on SERP.
  • The blogs were not optimized well for SEO.
  • The content around the primary target keyword was thin and not properly structured. There were no solid clusters to build topical relevance for the product within the industry. 
  • The internal linking web between the blogs and the key product pages was poorly constructed. 

What we did?

Our first objective was to rank for the main product keyword (locally and internationally) and build EAT for the website. This is what we did:

  • On-page optimization on the key product pages to send strong signals to Google regarding the vital keywords.
  • Establish EAT(Expertise, Authority & Trust) by building the author’s bio (renowned personnel within the sector) and linking it to the blogs. 
  • Adding SEO-structured content and topic clusters. This was done by creating an internal linking web between the pillar article (targeting the primary keyword), the supporting articles (long tail keywords), and the product pages. 


  • The pillar, as well as the supporting content, started to rank highly. This resulted in the site ranking for the main target keywords on Page 1 of the SERP (with some climbing to the 1st position) in a short period of time. 
  • The target keywords started ranking not just locally but internationally, which was one of the important KPIs for this client (being a global vendor).

before SEO

ranking for the main target keywords on Page 1

target keywords started ranking internationally

The overall result? 

With increased visibility on the SERP, the site gained more organic traffic and also managed to close some strong sales. 

For more international SEO case studies, visit us at https://www.growth.pro/seo-case-study.

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