50% Growth in Leads for a Learning Center Franchise Brand

Strong SEO tactics combined with well researched content can do wonders for a website’s ranking. Check out what the following figures have to say:

  • 4500 new keywords indexed
  • Over 8000 new users
  • More than 50% fresh leads generated are coming from organic search results
  • Above 500 goal completions
  • A hike of 50% in site CTR (click-through-rate)

Our client is a popular learning franchise brand in Malaysia. They consulted Growth.pro to expand student enrollment for more than 10 franchise outlets and increase leads for new franchise inquiries.

For pre primary and primary educational institutes, each enrollment is worth in excess of USD 5,000 (life-time value of customer) as the child will continue for a few semesters with the client. Some will even continue for multiple years and will also recruit his/her siblings to join.

Roadblocks Identified

While the brand was strong and got good numbers of branded search, their site structure was impeding growth. There were a significant number of searches for this group with a location name (Example- restaurant(brand) in Kuala Lumpur, etc).

This fact is very telling that the search intent has high conversion factor. And yet, growth was not happening in the predicted manner.

Following problem areas were highlighted by us:

  • Our team realised that one of the major issues was a slow website that was not mobile friendly and gave lousy user experience.
  • Bad call-to-actions on service page.
  • Most location based searches were going to their homepage and potential leads had to take multiple steps to complete an inquiry or student signup.
  • Tonnes of generic keywords like “keyword near me”, “keyword in {location}, “keyword phrase in {location}” were dominated by competitors.

*** words in red denote targeted keywords of the client. This is intentionally ommited to prevent unnecessary issues from competitors.

Our Strategy

Our research team jumped into action and conducted a thorough competitor analysis and keyword research.

We first identified each location at which the client’s franchisee was available at. The next step was to look into all their competitors who were ranking for important location-based generic keywords.

We also researched on branded keywords and their variations (typos, mis-spellings, etc) and identified all the location names that were searched.

Our key points of action included:

  • We decided to create individual franchisee’s page based on their locations.
  • Each location-based page had strong location content with images and a short article to rank for all important location-based keywords. We optimized each page for its brand, generic keywords of services and products, location names.
  • Our team helped in claiming each individual franchisee’s “Google My Business (GMB)” assets and linked the asset to their corresponding dedicated pages.
  • Our citation building team started creating backlinks from local business listings. At the same time, they worked on local outreach to local bloggers to get location-based backlinks to each dedicated page.
  • The blog content articles were also indexed with thousands of targeted keywords that brought traffic to the site. These traffic were silo-ed to the client’s service pages to convert them into valuable leads.
  • Our Conversion Rate Optimizing (CRO) team set up a lead inquiry form on each of the page, with “click-to-call” button and track all engagements and incoming leads.
Site performance improved tremendously and page loads in 1.6 seconds

The Results

In response to our focused SEO strategies, positive figures started showing up.

  • Each dedicated page began to rank high for hundreds of
    • “brand+location” keywords
    • service/product + location” keywords
    • “service/product + {near me}” keywords
Site performance improved tremendously and page loads in 1.6 seconds
  • With branded search finding its dedicated result page, the conversion rate is extremely high as the user already has the correct intent.
  • More than 50% of leads came from organic search results with conversions coming from direct typed-in traffic that already knows the brand. Additionally, there was a huge spike of lead completions as most of the dedicated location pages were finding the right traffic with super-high intent.
Site performance improved tremendously and page loads in 1.6 seconds
  • The content calendar and blogs planned out by our content team started getting indexed. We created internal links to each of the dedicated franchisee’s page to silo some SEO equity to them. The efforts added more than 8000 new users visits to the site.
Site performance improved tremendously and page loads in 1.6 seconds
  • Almost immediately after the site relaunch, about 4,500 keywords got indexed and some important ones began creeping to the 1st page of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).
  • Overall performance of the site increased drastically.
Site performance improved tremendously and page loads in 1.6 seconds
By the end of October 2019, our client’s site and its content started ranking on top Google pages. Additionally, all branded+location keywords were now funnelled into each dedicated page.
And the end result? Traffic sky-rocketed leading to high enrollment and lead conversions for franchisees.