How we boosted our eCommerce client’s revenue by 178% !!

Our Strategy? We captured almost all featured snippet opportunities for them!

Background story

We noticed there are a few featured snippets opportunities for money keywords that our client’s competitor was ranking for. We reverse-engineered the competitor’s strategy and implemented it for our client.

For snippet optimization, we studied how competitors structured their content to win the top positions. We then engineered the same plan within our content to outrank the competitors.

And it worked!

The strategy helped us get into the snippets for multiple important keywords.


  1. Within the next 2 weeks, our client managed to win 90% of the featured snippets that we targeted.
    featured snippets
    featured snippets2
  2. We saw a jump in clicks and traffic to the site with higher CTR and a growth in the average ranking position. The client is now ranking for two top positions for a good number of keywords.
    jump in clicks and traffic
  3. We saw an increase in overall sales performance from these pages as well. This meant an increase in the number of sessions, each session value, average order value, e-commerce conversion rate, and revenue.
    increase in overall sales performance

The figures speak for themselves!

And that’s not all!

The page value has been constantly increasing since then, which means these pages are contributing more and more to the overall sales of the site!

page value constantly increasing

This is pretty much what we remember doing for the site. And the results have been great!

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