An increase in impressions by about 800% is achievable!

We own an app development platform/website that offers services on building native and hybrid mobile apps to feature on App Store. 

With a global target market that includes large brands to startups and entrepreneurs, our website had competition hitting us from all ends. This meant that all our SEO efforts- from technical SEO, optimisation, and content had to be the very best. 

That done, the site slowly started showing its presence amongst global competitors and gained some attention in countries with the most significant traffic share. 

All good?

Well, even though we managed to win for some strong keywords on Google SERP, the site saw a dip around December 2020. Some of the impacts on the rankings came from the Google core algo update around that time. 

This was when we put in concentrated efforts along with specific strategies on the website content to win back Google’s love. 

An increase in impressions by about 800% is achievable! 1

What did we do?

  • Dissected Google’s PAA pages for relevant keywords. This was followed by deep-diving into the PAA queries to draw a robust list of “long-tail” keywords that matched the searcher’s intent. 
  • Published blog content that focused on answering search queries.
  • Linked this content to pillar pieces to pass on SEO equity. 

The strategies mentioned above gave us a quick boost in impressions (an approximate growth of 3000) and clicks. 

Our next strategy included the following:

  • Identification and mending of keyword gaps.
  • Layered existing content with updated and fresh content (reverse engineered through competitor research and keyword analysis).
  • Creating valuable links within the articles.
  • Relaunching the articles.

The result

The site saw a jump in impressions by 800% and a similar increase in clicks.

big leap in impressions

Additionally, as a result of our search intent-based SEO content creation and layering efforts, many important and highly-targeted keywords started getting indexed and moved up in rankings.

search intent-based

Moral: SEO should always keep the searcher’s intent at its core. There is nothing that works better than giving your audience what they want. 

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