Is Your Domain Name Hurting Your Organic SEO Web Traffic?

Case Study

One of the most important things about your website is your domain name.

It will totally make or break your business!

We have a client who originally used a .com domain name. However, if your primary target market is local, you do not want to use a .com domain.

This is so because Google will always give ranking preference to a local website if the searchers’ intent is to transact locally.

So, if your market is Malaysia, you will want to use a .my or a extension.

This client’s ecommerce market is primarily in Singapore but she used a .com domain, resulting in the site not ranking for much in Google.

On our advice, she made a major change to a .sg domain name and our team migrated the whole website to the new one using a page-by-page 301-redirect to preserve its SEO “equity”.

Quite instantly, you can see the before/after result.

We also have clients who used to target only the local markets, however, due to the US-China trade war, they need to go global to capture new markets.

Using a local domain name will NEVER help for global expansion.

We have consulted countless of clients on this very high-level digital strategy and set the right direction for them.

Works like a charm!

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