How We Rank Keywords That Generate Enrolments Worth Lots of $$$ for a College.

Our client is an educational institute in Malaysia offering graduate and postgraduate level courses. 

Education in itself is a highly competitive market, with universities jostling for student enrolments within targeted locations.

Needless to say, winning a SERP ranking for important keywords in this industry is not a cakewalk. 

Since the LTV (lifetime value) of each enrollment can sum up to tens of thousands of dollars, every single conversion is immensely valuable to the client. 

The target was, therefore, to win for ‘money keywords’ as quickly as possible through targeted SEO strategies. We also realised that various keywords like “Bachelors of XXX in Malaysia” (and its long tail variations) have very high search intent. 

What we did:

Since the site’s target audience was limited to a specific geographical area, the idea was to rank for both branded and non-branded keywords within the region. 

Here’s what we did:

  • Layered their service pages with important location-specific keywords to send the right signals to Google. 
  • Focused our on-page optimization efforts on clients’ target regions. 
  • Conducted a thorough competitor analysis and in-depth keyword research to add quality content to the web pages.
  • Sweet spot analysis to identify the low-hanging fruit – identifying the existing keywords ranking on pages 2 and 3, layering them, and creating strong internal link structures to pass SEO equity. 
  • Added new SEO-structured blog content to help the website rank for money keywords (non-branded). 
  • Creating a layout for internal linking between pages to allow a smooth flow of SEO equity to power pages where conversions happen.

And the results?

The website started gaining impressions and clicks at a steady pace. A good number of keywords that had high intent started ranking well.

It is worthwhile to mention that most of these keywords were not ranking earlier. However, as the SEO strategies gained traction, they started showing up on the top pages of SERP. What’s more, a good number of them are already ranking on Page 1 of Google.

The best part- as the website gained more visibility, the client managed to get a steady stream of new student enrolments and hence, a growth in their conversion rate! 

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