More Than 35% Increase in Keywords and Page Rankings in Just a Month After Website Revamp

Website Revamp

Does your website need a rebuild? See the chart above on a case study.

A mid-sized software company came to us to help them boost traffic and we found that their website was slow, usability was bad and had issues that Google does not like.

So we suggested a complete revamp of their site and gave them a fully optimized website after 2 weeks.

We improved on their site structure, took out loads of orphaned pages and did a one-to-one redirect of all their links to their new links. We also changed their hosting to a world-class one and increased the site speed tremendously.

The result? Google started crawling the site more aggressively as we took out many bottlenecks and got more than 35% of new pages indexed.

Because of this, the number of important keywords were also increased. However, all indexed keywords will start showing in the lower search result pages first and with more tweaks, will progressively move towards the 1st page over time.

See the drastic improvement of impressions and keywords indexed in all different countries, just by doing a site revamp. Do note that the jump in result is just purely from a site revamp and NOT from any other SEO activities yet.

Now that the house is in proper order, the site’s traffic is ready to take off like a rocket ship, with more content and optimization happening over the next few months.

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