How we managed to increase our client’s organic traffic by over 80%

The client is an e-commerce site selling baby shoes in Singapore. 

Compared to various industry giants, the client’s site is relatively new with much lower domain authority. 

How we managed to increase our client’s organic traffic by over 80% 1

The Challenge

Being new in the industry is never easy, especially when you have big names to compete with. 

These were some issues we faced when we started their SEO journey:

  • The website has very strong branded traffic but not much local non-branded traffic.
  • It was also receiving irrelevant traffic from the United States while its target market is Singapore only. 

Our Approach

Our strategy was to increase the non-branded traffic of the website to help introduce the brand to new customers. The next step (once the non-branded traffic took off) was to focus on optimizing the pages for conversion. 

Here’s what we did:

  • Site audit to fix technical issues on the website.
  • Focused our optimization efforts on the client’s targeted country – Singapore.
  • The client had quality content on the website but they were not optimized for the right keywords. We did in-depth keyword research and competitor analysis to improve existing content and uncover more opportunities for the client.
  • Analyzed existing performance to identify internal linking opportunities.
  • Produced SEO-structured content to help the website rank for informational keywords and create an effective blog sales funnel.


Once we optimized the pages for the right keywords, non-branded traffic began to take off.

non-branded traffic began to take off

The client is now ranked on page 1 for many competitive “money” keywords, some of which were not even ranking previously.

money keywords

This has resulted in an 80% increase in site traffic!

80% increase in site traffic

The site even outranked many industry giants with domain scores of 50 and above, which is much higher than the client’s.

Since we improved the internal linking structure and content quality of many of the pages, they are now indexed on Google and ranked for many keywords.

And the best part- The website continued to receive increased non-branded traffic and sales even during the lean season!

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