Boosting Web Traffic Amid Lockdown by Creating SEO Content Continuously

Look at the website traffic reports below on how the pandemic has affected even website traffic and the volume of searches for 3 of our Malaysian clients in different industries.

Kindergarten Franchise
Kindergarten Franchise
Travel Portal
Travel Portal
Lifestyle / Food portal
Lifestyle/Food Portal

The 1st chart shows the report of a large kindergarten franchise, 2nd one is of a travel portal in Sabah and the 3rd is from a major lifestyle/food portal.

Note that the line in purple is the search volume and the one in blue is the actual clicks to the website.

When the first lockdown happened (March MCO), the website traffic and search volumes from Google for these sites just plunged.

As the situation got better, you will notice that there was a good and steady uptrend of search volumes and even site visitors.

Notice that the uptrend for the Sabah travel portal is more aggressive as people got tired of staying at home, I guess 😉

When the 2nd wave hit Malaysia in September, see that the traffic dropped again and notice the more aggressive/volatile movements from the travel portal.

During the downtimes, our team got even more aggressive on SEO-structured content building for these sites as this is the best time to win it for them.

Most of their competitors will freeze all budgets, but because SEO is a long-term game, all content-building efforts done will have compounding and “carry-on” effect for as long as the sites are alive.

This is the strategy to build out huge authority for the companies.

They will totally dominate their niche in the geo-markets that they are competing in over the long run.

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