Ranking on Google and Generating Revenues within Three Months of Brand New Site Launch

Our client recently launched an ecommerce site (with a newly-registered domain name) for women’s beauty and wellness products. It’s been about three months since the launch, and the website is already drawing quality organic users leading to modest growth in revenue.

Do bear in mind that generally, Google will not give a brand new site any “love” and it will be sandboxed for many months. This is because new sites do not have history nor authority with Google and need to build them out over time.

How did we do this?

Well, in all honesty, it took a lot of brainstorming and strategic planning to generate these results!

Here’s what we did:

  1. Niche research.
  2. Competitor analysis to extract strong keywords that other similar sites in the region were ranking for. These made our foundation list for more thorough keyword research to look for low-hanging fruits and quick-win opportunities.
  3. Create a clustering approach to build topical authority around our chosen keywords for the first three months. 
  4. Created fresh content that catered to Google’s ‘helpful content update.’ This meant ensuring that the content focused on the search intent with ‘customer first’ rather than ‘SERP (search engine result page) first’ approach.
  5. Implemented our internal linking strategy for each cluster. 
  6. Image optimization while adding keyword variations in alt tags. 
  7. Adding strong external links to authority sources to improve EAT (expertise, authority & trust). 
  8. On-page optimization of the most important product and category pages targeting the primary and secondary keywords. 
  9. Took care of other technical SEO aspects like mobile responsiveness, page loading speed, etc. 


We started working on the site in mid-October, and the results started to show up in December.  

results started to show up in December

  • The website’s organic traffic showed a growth in November, which continued in December and January. 
  • While the site is only getting 3500+ impressions and 1300+ clicks at the moment, it is a good figure considering the site is brand new and the average price per item is high. Overall, the impressions grew by 47.2%, while the clicks increased by 92%
  • A boost in revenue by 12.3%.

organic traffic

organic users

We hope this case study helps those planning to launch a new site. For more SEO case studies, check out: www.growth.pro/seo-case-study

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