555% Growth in Total Impressions and Clicks in Just 2 Weeks After Removing Toxic Backlinks

See what happened when we took over this client in the charts below.

For results filtered only for Google Malaysia, clicks from organic search results increased 513% and total impressions jumped by 500%.

For global results, clicks sky-rocketed by 422% and total impressions increased by 555%.

Results After Removing Toxic Backlinks
Total impressions and clicks results for Google Malaysia
Results After Removing Toxic Backlinks
Total impressions and clicks global results

The number of new keywords indexed in Google increased by 300%, just in Google Malaysia’s database alone.

So, what did we do for our client?

  • Optimized meta-headers on their site pages
  • Migrated the site to a faster hosting company
  • Improved site structure for Googlebot crawlability
  • Merged/consolidated content that was fighting for the same keyword
  • Phrases in Google (keyword cannibalization)
  • Got rid of toxic backlinks (very important)

The client had an earlier SEO company that built loads of toxic backlinks from many sites that are considered “bad neighborhood” and this had a very adverse effect on the website.

This low-level tactic is very common and prevalent among SEO agencies as it is easily outsourced to VAs (Virtual Assistants) in the Philippines, India, etc.

Instead of taking care of the foundational SEO strategies (speed, relevant content and good, technical SEO) most people resort to the easy tactic of link-building.

Imagine the kind of results you can get if you do the right things. Well, see for yourself how we increased traffic just in 2 weeks!

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