How we Increase Organic Traffic for an Accounting Firm by 1,000% in 1 Year

Imagine elevating your online presence to new heights, capturing the attention of your target audience, and experiencing a remarkable increase in visibility. 

That’s precisely the story of our client (providing outsourced finance and accounting services in Singapore). 

We took over the project in February 2022. We realized that the website was not designed with local SEO in mind. While the site received some branded traffic, it was not faring in terms of non-branded searches. Additionally, the website was receiving irrelevant traffic from the USA and some other countries, while its target market was Singapore. 

What we did

  • Redesigned the site to give it a more professional look and an improved UX.
  • Focused our optimization efforts on the client’s targeted country – Singapore.
  • In-depth local keyword research and competitor analysis to improve existing content and uncover more opportunities for the client.
  • Created fresh informational content catering to the country’s local search intent. 
  • Added meaningful internal links.
  • Optimized Google Business Profile (GMB) listing. 
  • Strengthened the EAT( Expertise, Authority, Trust) signals by adding bios of finance experts within the client’s organization. 
  • Implemented local schema markup on the website to provide search engines with more detailed information about the business.


  • The site saw a quick jump in performance. The daily impressions increased by 400% (from around 1k in March 2022 to about 4K+ in March 2023). Similarly, the daily clicks increased by 1,000%
  • The client is now ranking for many important location-based searches for branded and non-branded keywords. 
  • The site recorded a significant boost in organic traffic as well as conversions (revenue growth).
  • After a year, the website outranked some strong local competitors with significantly higher domain authority score than the client.

How we Increase Organic Traffic for an Accounting Firm by 1,000% in 1 Year 1

How we Increase Organic Traffic for an Accounting Firm by 1,000% in 1 Year 2

The results speak for themselves—a remarkable fourfold increase in impressions, proving that with the right SEO approach and relentless dedication, even the most ambitious goals can be achieved. 💪💪

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