Achieving First Page Ranking Globally in Two Months

Our client, a prominent sunglasses eCommerce company in the USA, approached us with a clear objective: rank for their most crucial generic keyword phrase (non-branded) as quickly as possible.

While their website was top-notch, their keyword ranking was lagging, placing them at a disappointing position on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Discover how we assisted them in elevating keyword ranking for a specific keyword, resulting in a significant increase in traffic within just two months!

Our approach

  • Deep dive analysis: We began with a thorough audit of their current SEO strategy to pinpoint areas of improvement.
  • Keyword research: Identified the primary keyword and its variations to ensure comprehensive coverage.
  • Technical SEO- Re-optimised the meta tags to the right keyword and intent.
  • User behavior analysis: Delved into user behaviour patterns to tailor content that resonated with the target audience.
  • Content layering: Enhanced the website content to align with the searcher’s intent, ensuring it was SEO-friendly and relevant.
  • Topical authority building: Created content clusters around the main keyword to establish authority and relevance.
  • Strategic internal linking: Established a robust internal linking strategy from every category page to distribute SEO juice effectively.
  • Improved EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authority, Trust): Added reviews from customers on the homepage and the most important product pages.


  • The target keyword position catapulted from 40.9 to 8.6 on the SERP.
  • Many other secondary long-tail keyword variations that come from the targeted keyword began to be indexed and rank on the 1st page of Google too
  • A 212% increase in clicks.
  • A 185% boost in impressions.
  • The keyword and its variations consistently ranked on the first page, capturing the attention of the target market.

First Page Ranking

First Page Ranking

Generally, when proper SEO strategies are executed on a primary keyword, tons of its variations will be indexed and ranked too. This is because a proper strategy entails a full cluster of tactics. These include creating SEO-structured content that has relevance from a basket of semantically-charged secondary keywords and context.

The end result will be rankings for dozens, or even hundreds of new keywords, on top of the primary target, and this will create a topical authority for the website.

** The screenshot shows stats on only the one primary targeted keyword and not of other new variations from its basket

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