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In light of the COVID19 pandemic and US-China trade war, many companies are going online to source for new vendors.

Traditionally, sourcing has always been done through trade shows but now, it is impossible due to the closing of several countries’ borders.

The US-China trade war has also disrupted the supply chain from China and those who are affected are looking for new vendors for their plastic products.

One simple sourcing method that is immediate is to just search in Google for commercially intent-based keywords.

These are terms like “plastic injection molding companies”, “plastic injection moulding manufacturers” and hundreds more. The top search results for them will get the most clicks that go to the websites and this will result in new leads or customers.

Question: Is your company’s website fully updated and optimized to be found in Google for such valuable keyword searches? Well, if not, then all the search traffic will go to your competitors’ websites.

Fun Facts:

  • Organic search drives more than 50 % of all website traffic.
  • Data obtained from Global Web Index via Datareportal says that 81% people search online for a product or service. That’s a significant number to tap, especially for niche services like plastic injection molding.
In order to see success as a plastic mold manufacturer, you need to have a plan that uses critical web tactics in a well-structured manner. This includes:
  • Website rebuilding (Stats: A one-second delay results in a 7% drop in conversions!)
  • SEO optimisation (Stats: SEO offers a 14.6 % close rate as compared to the traditional marketing close rate of 1.7%!)
  • Content marketing (Stats: 71% of a B2B respondent pool stated they reviewed a blog while on their buying journey!)
And that’s exactly where we can help you. But before we get to that, check this out.

The list is practically endless with thousands of valuable keywords to tap for the plastic injection molding industry!
* Global volumes refer to the numbers searches for the particular keyword across the world.
* CPC or Cost Per Click refers to the price that you pay (in $) for each click as a part of your marketing campaigns.

And what’s more, a good number of these keywords present easy conversion opportunities. All you need is a well-formulated SEO strategy for your website in order to target the right audience with the right content.

Our services for a Malaysian Plastic Injection Molding Company helped them boost their traffic and create thousands of leads (and of course conversions!). Our work for this client included website rebuilding/ SEO website design, content marketing, and creating optimised content including topic clusters, etc.

And the result?

Check out the figure below to see the increase in the number of clicks and impressions after they started SEO services with Growth.pro

Additionally, their web content started to rank in Google for thousands of keywords!



With the number of global plastic part manufacturers (most of them having an online presence), the competition is huge and not easy to crack. Our experience of working with multiple clients in the sector gives us the strategic advantage of understanding the SEO tips that move the needle. Our goal is to help you understand your buyer persona and buyer journey (who, when, what, where, and why) and connect with them at an opportune time by creating optimised web content that’s relevant to them. Check out our relevant SEO case studies to learn more about how we can help you to create and implement digital marketing strategies and propel your brand’s presence on Google Search Results.

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