Free SEO Reporting Templates For Agencies

Combining data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics to give you a more holistic view of your SEO performance.

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Lead/Sales Performance Reporting Based on Targeted Locations

As an Agency, you may have clients with a global target market or specifically targeted countries. Our report template allows you to filter the performance based on selected countries and even show the performance breakdown of each country, down to the city level.

Shows Performance Breakdown of Different Conversion Actions

A website may have multiple conversion touchpoints such as sign up, contact form submission, add to cart, phone call, and more.

It’s important to identify the conversion action that is more important than others. This helps to focus your strategy & optimizations toward the right action.

Our report shows a breakdown of different conversion actions based on the different traffic sources to give you an even more granular view.

Branded vs Non-branded
Keyword Performance

When it comes to marketing, getting new potential clients is an important KPI. Which is why the separation of traffic based on whether visitors are aware of the brand or not can help to justify your SEO effort.

Show your clients that your SEO effort has brought in higher non-branded traffic, which contributes to improved overall brand awareness. We provide a specific Branded vs Non-branded report to help you share this important insight with your clients.

Keyword Performance Tracking

No SEO report is complete without keyword performance tracking. Which is why we’ve included this into our report.

Show your clients that the site has been ranking for more keywords month-over-month and that the SEO campaign is progressing in the right direction.

But don’t stop there, give them the insights into the number of keywords broken down by the targeted countries as well.

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Top Ranking Keywords
(Top 3, Top 10 & Top 20)

Ranking keywords on top position is the most important metric that helps justify the SEO campaign’s performance. Thus, we have included the Top 3, Top 10 & Top 20 keyword lists to help you share your achievements with your clients.

Show them the wins you have accomplished for them with keywords ranking in the Top 3 and Top 10. Include keywords in the Top 20 that are close to breaking into Page 1 of the search results.

eCommerce Sales Performance & Funnels

Your eCommerce clients have a set of totally different KPIs than others. Therefore, we ensured our reporting template caters for this as well. Apart from tracking their sales performance, eCommerce clients want to understand their customer’s shopping behavior.

Our SEO reporting template helps you keep track of important sales metrics and sales funnel performance. It helps your clients visualize their customer’s purchase journey and identify leakage for further optimizations.

Performance Comparison Charts

A comparison chart is the best way to visualize performance improvements.

Most of the metrics in our reporting template give you insights into its current performance vs the performance of the previous periods.

This saves you the time and effort into preparing your own comparison. Easily show the improvements to your clients without much effort.

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