Our SEO Strategy

Our SEO calendars are designed to bring the best results for your website.

Content for the audience

This is exactly where our key strength lies!

Delivering articles that are well researched and are developed keeping the reader’s issues in mind.

Creating content that talks too loudly of your products may sometimes give negative results. Identifying your target audience, understanding their pain points and writing for them is therefore important.

Our content focuses on identification of target keywords, semantically linked words/phrases and using them meaningfully and naturally in the content.

SEO Monthly Retainer Fees

USD 2,500


For the 1st month, site audit and hosting/server migration are included in the plan. However, depending on the complexity of the setup, other services may be carried forward to the next month. A total of 20 hours will still be maintained.

A Note on our SEO Pricing

Our SEO service and pricing are dependent on the following three components:
  • SEO based Website Analysis and optimization
  • Content Development (including pillar articles and topic clusters)
  • Content Marketing
We use multiple advanced SEO software to perform the aforementioned tasks. However, the cost of these tools is NEVER included in the SEO pricing. SEO does not work overnight. It is a carefully designed long term strategy. This is the reason why we like to suggest a minimum of 6-month plan for our clients to start with. Plans can then be extended on a monthly retainer basis. SEO is an ongoing process. Content on a site needs to rank consistently in order to generate new organic traffic month after month. As per a report from Ahref’s “45% of respondents charge between $501 and $2,000 per month”.
Our SEO Pricing (including Blog Management) Global 1

Additionally, Ahref’s report states that “those offering their services locally charge $1,566.09/month, on average, whereas those serving the worldwide market earn $3,613.61/month”. 

Our SEO Pricing (including Blog Management) Global 2

Our Approach

We understand that as business owners, investment in SEO is often a difficult decision. SEO pricing in Malaysia and other countries across the globe is dependent on:

  • Business nature and specific requirements of the SEO campaign
  • Competitiveness within the industry
  • Experience in SEO services
  • Quality of service

While high SEO price is not an indicator of great service quality, it is important to be cautious of SEO service providers that charge too low.

SEO relies on long-form, structured and high-quality content that is written keeping user intent in mind. Additionally, services like optimization, backlink outreach, etc constitute a major percentage of SEO cost.

Further, the risk of Google penalty on poor quality backlinks and low quality plagiarized content is high with cheap SEO services. Read up our case study on “How We Helped a Thai Manufacturer Get Out of a Google Penalty and Scale Business Internationally

Choosing an SEO partner in Malaysia or other countries can hence be overwhelming. It is therefore important to rely on trusted brand names that understand local Malaysian industries and are equally competent in taking your business to global markets.

In the world of digital marketing, you get what you pay for. If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, focus on quality and not just cost. Chose your SEO company carefully!